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Major Upgrade to the New Moonstake Membership Program
Nov 18, 2020 13:30 JST
Moonstake's total staking asset has increased and successfully achieved in 3 months from the start of full-scale service and the number of users has increased, so the "membership program" that has been used by all users has been significantly upgraded. By this upgrading, now more people can receive many benefits.
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Moonstake Joint Webinar: "Things you should know about staking on Ethereum 2.0"
Nov 13, 2020 14:00 JST
We are pleased to announce that Moonstake is organising a joint webinar with BeaconScan, Ethereum 2.0 block explorer by Etherscan on 17th of November at 20:00 Singapore/Malaysia Time.
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Moonstake Collaboration Webinar: "Asia's Proof of Stake Trends" and "DeFi's Current Status and Destinations"
Nov 10, 2020 09:00 JST
Moonstake will hold a joint webinar with South Korea's major DeFi projects TZ Ventures, Takamak Network and Bifrost, "Asia's Proof of Stakes Trends" and "DeFi's Current Locations and Destinations'' on 12th of Nov, 2020. It will be held from 21:00 Japan / Korea time (ENGLISH Only).
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Join #2 series of Moonstake Campaign with $10 Worth of ETH for 50 Lucky winners
Oct 27, 2020 21:00 JST
If you are new to using the Moonstake wallet within the campaign period, 50 lucky winners will be drawn an ETH worth $10. Limited campaign from 26th of Oct to 6th of Nov, 2020.
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Infinito Wallet and Moonstake enable staking and investment tools for Cardano ADA community
Oct 27, 2020 18:00 JST
Infinito Wallet, the leading multi-crypto wallet today announces a multitude of new valuable features targeted at ADA users. These include support for new Cardano blockchain upgrade, staking and trading features for ADA assets, as well as full wallet compatibility with Daedalus and Yoroi Wallet by allowing users to import 24-word and 15-word passphrase, respectively into Infinito Wallet.
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Moonstake raises $1.04 Million - accelerating connection from staking to DeFi
Oct 14, 2020 10:00 JST
Moonstake today announced that it has successfully closed its seed round funding and has raised over $1.04 Million (approximately JPY 110 Million).
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Moonstake's total staking asset hits $50Million - Successfully achieved in two months from the start of full-scale service
Oct 06, 2020 12:00 JST
Today, Moonstake is pleased to announce that the total amount of staking in its staking pool has reached over $50 million. While steadily expanding toward the establishment of Asia's largest staking pool network, Cardano (ADA), which started full-scale service achieved staking support at an exceptional speed of two months.
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Moonstake Executive Board strengthened by appointment of new CEO, Lawrence Lin
Oct 01, 2020 15:00 JST
We are pleased to announce that we have strengthened our management with the appointment of Lawrence Lin as our new CEO, effective 1st of Oct 2020.
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Moonstake Mobile Wallet App Significantly Updated - Now Supporting ADA Staking
Sep 25, 2020 18:00 JST
Today, Moonstake announces that its signatured product, Mobile Wallet, now supports Cardano's cryptocurrency ADA, one of top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. In addition to Moonstake Web Wallet, which provides user-access to ADA staking since last month, users can have more flexibility through their mobile application for staking, sending, receiving and storing ADA.
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Moonstake partners with TZ Ventures
Sep 15, 2020 15:00 JST
We are pleased to announce that Moonstake and Binarystar entered into a strategic partnership with TZ Ventures from South Korea accelerating industry adoption of staking within Tezos's ecosystem.
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Moonstake and Infinito Wallet enter into partnership to enhance the staking ecosystem and scale the Defi projects
Sep 10, 2020 11:00 JST
We are pleased to announce that Moonstake and Infinito have entered into a strategic partnership to bring the staking economy to the hands of people. Infinito Wallet will integrate with Moonstake to enable staking for all assets operated in Moonstake's staking pools.
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Moonstake Launches Staking for QTUM
Aug 31, 2020 14:00 JST
Moonstake users now have the ability to use their QTUM to earn rewards through its website based staking pool. With Qtum, the active community will be able to stake their coins on the Moonstake web wallet platform.
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Moonstake, RAMP DEFI and Ruby Capital Join Forces
Aug 28, 2020 18:00 JST
Moonstake announced a partnership with Ruby Capital and RAMP DEFI to take the next step for DeFi integration and expansion of the DeFi ecosystem.
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Moonstake Enters a Strategic Partnership with Centrality, New Zealand's Blockchain Giant
Aug 28, 2020 17:00 JST
Moonstake, a blockchain technology company, gladly announces that it entered a strategic partnership with Centrality. Through this partnership, Moonstake and Centrality mutually agreed to proactively discuss ways to implement the staking of Centrality's token, CENNZ, onto Moonstake's staking platform. The partnership also includes the appointment of Centrality's CEO, Aaron McDonald as an official advisor for Moonstake.
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Moonstake partners EMURGO, founding member of Cardano Protocol
Aug 22, 2020 21:00 JST
Moonstake, a blockchain technology company focused on staking technologies, and EMURGO, a global blockchain solutions provider & a founding entity of the Cardano protocol, have signed a partnership MoU. The partners aim to drive blockchain staking activity and accelerate industry adoption of staking within Cardano's ecosystem.
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Moonstake Web Wallet Provides Staking Support for Cardano ADA
Aug 22, 2020 21:00 JST
Moonstake has announced staking support of Cardano's cryptocurrency ADA, one of top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap, in Moonstake's Web Wallet.
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