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Source: Glasona International Corporation

Tokyo's 'IKINAMO' Video Channel Launches with 'ikinamo' Business Matching Services

TOKYO, Oct, 06 2016 - (JCN Newswire) - Glasona Int. ("Glasona") has launched a YouTube channel showcasing the outstanding products, services and technologies offered by many small and medium-sized Japanese companies (SMEs), to a completely domestic market.

Backed with its own 'Gateway to Japan' website, 'IKINAMO' made its YouTube debut on 9/1, hosting a deep library of short, English news-style video reports which reveal and explore these SMEs, mainly hidden from westerners' eyes.

Parallel to its 'ikinamo' video channel, Glasona also launched 'ikinamo Service', which helps Japanese SMEs to form business alliances, capital tie-ups, and mergers & acquisitions with foreign enterprises and investors.

Kouo Tatsuma, Glasona's Representative Director, says, "Japanese SMEs have many outstanding technologies, products and services to offer. 'ikinamo Service' doesn't just show videos about those technologies, products and services, but makes it possible for foreign enterprises that are interested in them to contact Japanese businesses quickly, and allows us to help Japanese enterprises respond appropriately to enquiries from foreign enterprises."

The new 'ikinamo Service' offers much more than the creation and posting of videos, providing a full range of services in assisting Japanese SMEs to respond to enquiries from interested overseas agents and companies. The 'ikinamo Service' will provide:

- Posting of videos on ikinamo website and YouTube channel
- Press release creation/distribution service
- Enquiry notification service (Japanese and English)
- Diffusion service (SNS and email magazine)
- Video statistics analysis report service
- Latest video marketing information (email magazine)
- YouTube-based sales channel expansion measures
- Participation rights in a range of seminars and workshops

'ikinamo' is the successor of 'Diginfo News', the Japan-based English-language industry and technology video news channel launched on YouTube in 2007 by Digitized Information, Inc. and President Akihito Tsukioka, who reamians as a Driector of Glasona today.

Website channels:
English: http://www.ikinamo.net
Japanese: http://jp.ikinamo.net

YouTube channels:
English: www.youtube.com/ikinamo
Japanese: www.youtube.com/ikinamojapan

Number of videos:
ikinamo English channel: 3,302
ikinamo Japanese channel: 1,284

Number of views:
ikinamo English channel: 124,945,116
ikinamo Japanese channel: 41,081,756

Number of subscribers:
ikinamo English channel: 107,251
ikinamo Japanese channel: 31,051
*As of 9/20/16.

About Glasona International Corporation
Glasona helps create opportunities for Japanese SMEs to go global. We use video to promote the unique technologies, products and services offered by Japanese companies to foreign companies quickly and efficiently, and leverage our extensive network of business partners to provide support that leads to business matching.

We support a broad range of international business transactions and provide company analysis using artificial intelligence that harnesses big data. Our mission is helping clients become more competitive through adopting international systems and standards and new contract and settlement methods, made possible by the approaching financial system revolution. For more information, please visit http://glasona.com.

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