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Fujitsu Receives EcoBalance 2018 "Award for Best Business Practices"

TOKYO, Nov, 05 2018 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. have received the Award for Best Business Practices at EcoBalance 2018 (the 13th Biennial International Conference on EcoBalance), for initiatives relating to evaluating the environmental impact of energy and resource use, with an aim toward the fulfillment of the United Nation's sustainable development goals (SDGs). These initiatives were conducted as part of a feasibility study with the goal of reducing data center emissions to zero. The Fujitsu Group continually takes measures to reduce its burden on the environment, seeing this as a social responsibility a company must fulfill in contributing to the creation of a sustainable society. In order to create an affluent and sustainable society, the Fujitsu Group will continue to promote resource recycling measures as part of a society with a circular economy(1).

About the Best Business Practice Award

The Biennial International Conference on EcoBalance is an international conference held two years, where experts from government institutions, industry, and research institutions around the world give presentations on research aimed at reducing environmental burden across the whole lifecycle of products and services. This time, the conference featured about 300 presentations (including poster presentations). These were chosen from numerous applications and based on the theme of "Nexus of Ideas: Innovation by linking through life cycle thinking."

This is the second time the conference has bestowed the Award for Best Business Practices, the first being at the previous conference in 2016. The recipient is selected from among industry presentations by a selection committee consisting of international experts and the chairman of each session, based of the following evaluation criteria.

- Scientific value and significance
- Uniqueness in practical context
- Achievements in sustainability
- Transferability of results to other cases

Why Fujitsu was Selected

The basis for this award was a multifaceted feasibility study conducted to evaluate environmental impact in 11 areas (global warming, abiotic depletion (resource-elements), abiotic depletion (resource-fossil fuels), acidification, eutrophication, human toxicity, fresh water aquatic ecotoxicity, marine aquatic ecotoxicity, terrestrial ecotoxicity, ozone layer depletion, and photo-oxidant formation) pertaining to Fujitsu's overall datacenter business activities, one of its ICT business activities, with the goal of improving the effective utilization of energy and resources. The study captured trends in environmental impact, identifying priority issues in business activities both up and down the supply chain. In addition, through communication involving a wide range of relevant parties, the study quantified resource utilization using total material requirements (TMR)(2), effectively predicting latent possibilities for the reuse of materials. The selection committee deemed the initiative worthy of recommendation to other industries following a comprehensive analysis of its scientific value, originality, its achievements, and the significance of its contributions to sustainability.
Figure 1: Relationship between the flows of things and services in datacenter business activities

Future Resource Utilization Initiatives

The Fujitsu Group will seek to raise the accuracy of this research and contribute to reducing the impact of global warming that stems from datacenter business activities and the expansion of other services, while promoting efficient utilization of resources and redefining resource recycling in a circular economy.

(1) Circular economy Moving away from a linear economy (a one-way economy with large-scale production and consumption) to an economic system in which resources are recycled to generate the maximum added value through more efficient use.
(2) Total material requirements When extracting resources, it is a measure of the total weight of the materials extracted, including the hidden flows generated through the incidental digging up of large volumes of ore and gravel.

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Figure 1: Relationship between the flows of things and services in datacenter business activities

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