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Source: Mitsubishi Corporation

Mitsubishi Corporation: Smart Meter Data Collection System 'Experiment' Launched in Hamamatsu

TOKYO, Dec, 12 2018 - (JCN Newswire) - Hamamatsu City, an ordinance designated city located in Shizuoka Prefecture in Central Japan, has teamed up with CHUBU Electric Power Co., Inc., CHUBU GAS CO., LTD. and GASTEC SERVICE, INC. of the Sala Group and Mitsubishi Corporation to execute a demonstration experiment in which data regarding the usage of electricity, water and gas by its residents will be simultaneously collected utilizing Chubu Electric's electricity smart meter network system. The demonstration experiment will be carried out in Hamamatsu City from today December 12 until February 2019.

Under its "Hamamatsu Energy Vision," Hamamatsu City is proactively seeking to pursue initiatives that enable it to foster a robust low-carbon society and achieve a stable energy supply. The City has therefore been studying various projects that can be executed using the public-private-partnership model.

Pursuing smarter solutions that make use of ICT, particularly in a society that is facing a declining birthrate and a rapidly aging population, is expected to lead to various forms of innovation, not only in the energy sector but in a range of areas that affect citizens' everyday lives.

The aim of this Demonstration Experiment is to construct an efficient low-cost data collection network that serves as the basic infrastructure for smart projects by enabling centralized data collection regarding electricity, water and gas/LPG consumption directly from the meters installed at the homes of residents in Hamamatsu City.

The data collected will also be used when considering how to enhance services provided and contribute to improving living standards for Hamamatsu City residents.

Hamamatsu City, Chubu Electric, CHUBU GAS - GASTEC SERVICE and MC intend to continue pooling knowledge from their respective areas of expertise and to cooperate on different initiatives that help resolve societal issues.

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