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Mitsubishi Motors Announces Production, Sales and Export Figures for January 2019

TOKYO, Feb, 27 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - January 2019 Summary:

Domestic Production
Eleventh consecutive monthly year-on-year increase since February, 2018 (108.3% year-on-year)

Overseas Production
First monthly year-on-year decrease in five months since August, 2018 (97.1% year-on-year)

Total Production
Twentieth consecutive monthly year-on-year increase since May, 2017 (101.7% year-on-year)

Domestic Sales
Twelfth consecutive monthly year-on-year increase since January, 2018 (110.1% year-on-year)

Fourteenth consecutive monthly year-on-year increase since November, 2017 (113.7% year-on-year)

Supplemental Information

Overseas Production
- Asia (64,142 units: 96.3% year-on-year)

- Asia (973 units: 65.6% year-on-year)
- North America (13,591 units: 93.0% year-on-year)
- Europe (12,195 units: 143.0% year-on-year)

For the full report, visit https://www.mitsubishi-motors.com/en/.

About Mitsubishi Motors
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a global automobile company based in Tokyo, Japan, which has a competitive edge in SUVs and pickup trucks, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The company launched the i-MiEV - the first mass-produced electric vehicle in 2009, which was followed by the OUTLANDER PHEV in 2013 - a plug-in hybrid market leader in Japan and Europe. Mitsubishi Motors has 30,000 employees and a global footprint with production facilities in Japan, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Russia. Models, such as the PAJERO SPORT/MONTERO SPORT, TRITON/L200 and OUTLANDER play a major role in achieving its growth. The global sales volume in fiscal year 2017 was 1,101,000 units, and the net sales of Mitsubishi Motors for fiscal year 2017 was 2.19 trillion yen. Mitsubishi Motors is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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