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Nagamori Memorial Center of Innovative Cancer Therapy and Research Euipped with Hitachi's Radiation Therapy Systems Started Operation

TOKYO, Apr, 02 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) has announced that the radiation therapy started on April 1, 2019 at Nagamori Memorial Center of Innovative Cancer Therapy and Research at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine (Nagamori Memorial Center of Innovative Cancer Therapy and Research) which introduced Hitachi's radiation therapy systems.




For Nagamori Memorial Center of Innovative Cancer Therapy and Research Hitachi provides comprehensive services includnig operation support and facility operation related to radiation therapy systems of the proton therapy system and X-ray therapy system TomoTherapy System Radixact. Those services will enable the staff of Nagamori Memorial Center of Innovative Cancer Therapy and Research to concentrate on medicine and to provide highly advanced, cutting-edge radiation oncology treatment.

Nagamori Memorial Center of Innovative Cancer Therapy and Research is one of the most advanced cancer therapy facilities that was established by the endowment of S. N. Kosan Corporation owned by Mr. Nobushige Nagamori, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Nidec Corporation, with an aim to contribute to Kyoto prefecture and the local residents. The facility is operated as the radiation therapy facility of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, which consolidates the most advanced therapy systems including the proton therapy system at one site.

As highly advanced medical equipment, the radiation therapy systems require regular maintenance. In addition, as the first proton therapy site in Kyoto prefecture, there has been operational needs such as public awareness activities for the citizens and clinical alignment with the neighboring medical facilities for prevalence of the therapy.

Hitachi's particle therapy system has been introduced by the world-class renowned facilities, greatly valued its proven reliability and experiences based on the track record of the system uptime of more than 98% and the long-term, fulfilling customer support system. Also, Hitachi has been offering operational support service for customer's radiation department since 2000 and has provided engineering support for introduction and stable operation of the systems required for radiation oncology examination at the contracted facilities, operation support including asset management and planning of equipment introduction.

After the proven experiences of the particle therapy system and of those operational support services for the radiation department were highly evaluated, Hitachi provides the comprehensive support for operation and maintenance of the proton therapy system, operation of X-ray therapy system and facility operation as follows:

Details of Services

1. Operation and maintenance support for the proton therapy system

In order to realize speedy system maintenance, a new maintenance framework will be established both at Nagamori Memorial Center of Innovative Cancer Therapy and Research and Hitachi, under which the daily operational support, planned system check-up or remote maintenance for the proton therapy system will also be executed.

2. Operational support for X-ray therapy system

Hitachi provide the X-ray therapy system as its assets and implement maintenance. This will contribute to reduction of burden of Nagamori Memorial Center of Innovative Cancer Therapy and Research and the stable operation after the system introduction.

3. Facility operational support

Hitachi will support planning of seminars / lectures related to proton and X-ray therapy, mainly organized by Nagamori Memorial Center of Innovative Cancer Therapy and Research and provide technical explanation about the radiation therapy systems, to citizens or healthcare related parties. Furthermore, Hitachi will collect and analyze the various data of the radiation therapy to assist efficient and effective treatment. This service enables smooth facility operation and establishment of local alignment of medical care.

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