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Source: Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Announces Board Member, Executive, Organizational, and Personnel Changes

Toyota City, Japan, Jun, 13 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), at its ordinary general shareholders' meeting today, assigned executives, and, at a meeting of the board of directors following the ordinary general shareholders' meeting, it appointed representative directors and directors with special titles, as well as made decisions on organizational changes, on promotions to and changes in the responsibilities of operating officers, and on changes in the responsibilities of senior professionals/senior management, effective July 1.

Faced with the advance of technological innovations in the form of CASE, and as the very concept of the automobile is on the verge of changing, TMC is seeking to redesign itself into a mobility company. The changes announced today are aimed at promoting with a sense of speed the making of ever-better cars by honing Toyota's power of manufacturing in the real world, together with accelerating TMC's taking up of the challenge of innovating its business model.

Specifically, TMC will expand its Toyota ZEV Factory, which it established in October last year with the aim of speeding up decision-making and strengthening internal coordination. In addition to the Toyota ZEV Factory's current responsibilities related to business strategy planning for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), as well as its responsibilities related to development planning and product development for BEVs, integrating into it functions related to FCEV development and manufacturing will result in full consolidation of planning, development, and manufacturing processes for all of TMC's zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). Along with further promoting new ways to approach work--ways that started with the establishment of the EV Business Planning Department in December 2016--TMC will also take up the challenge of constructing new business models that incorporate productization with a sense of speed together with many partner companies and groups, as well as incorporate alliances with and sales to other companies.

Also, to hone its manufacturing abilities in the real world and to strengthen the competitiveness of its products from the viewpoint of its customers, TMC will establish the Vehicle Development Center. By consolidating the functions of advanced planning and advanced development that have until now been separated among the TNGA Management Division, the in-house Advanced R&D and Engineering Company, the in-house Powertrain Company, and other entities, and by using lean approaches to link processes ranging from advanced planning and development to mass product development at its in-house companies responsible for specific vehicle types, TMC will aim to increase development speed. By consolidating its advanced planning and advanced development functions for electronic controls, for powertrains, and for various vehicle platforms, TMC will aim to further strengthen the competitiveness of its products. Furthermore, TMC will further advance its manufacturing of ever-better cars by promoting the cultivation of a skilled workforce capable of development that considers a vehicle's overall optimization, rather than function optimization, from the viewpoint of its customers.

Toward sustainable growth, TMC has cultivated its workforce by creating structures--such as through establishing business units, restructuring its regional headquarters, and introducing an in-house company system―that enable leaders close to the workplace to make quick decisions and to take action that matches the needs of each business and region and that allow the flexible deployment of human resources. The latest revisions to TMC's organizational structure are meant as a way of implementing the evolution of Toyota's spirit of constantly striving to become better at each juncture and in response to issues at each place of engagement. Going forward, from a mid-to-long-term perspective, TMC will unwaveringly advance initiatives for innovation.

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Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) is the global mobility company that introduced the Prius hybrid-electric car in 1997 and the first mass-produced fuel cell sedan, Mirai, in 2014. Headquartered in Toyota City, Japan, Toyota has been making cars since 1937. Today, Toyota proudly employs 370,000 employees in communities around the world. Together, they build around 10 million vehicles per year in 29 countries, from mainstream cars and premium vehicles to mini-vehicles and commercial trucks, and sell them in more than 170 countries under the brands Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino. For more information, please visit www.toyota-global.com.

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