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Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute and Fujitsu Research and Development Center start Research Collaboration on Blockchain Technology

BEIJING, China, Nov 06, 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute(1) and Fujitsu Research and Development Center Co, Ltd.(2) (hereinafter referred to as FRDC) start research collaboration for blockchain ledger data analysis from today. Generally, the contents of the blockchain system are stored as transaction data in blocks; thus, it is difficult to analyze and retrieve the data. Currently, we installed and applied the blockchain ledger data analysis technology developed by FRDC on the Wutong chain(3), a blockchain platform independently developed by Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute, and started providing trial services to existing and new enterprise customers of Wutong chain on November 6, 2019. This research collaboration confirms the effectiveness and practical application of technology.

Figure 1: The diagram of the implementation of the trial service

About Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute

Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute is a cooperative organization established by the Tongji University and Suzhou government to provide comprehensive services such as blockchain technology, application research and development, talent training, business incubation, etc. In March 2018, the blockchain platform, Wutong chain, was released, which has been applied by Chinese enterprises in logistics tracking, supply chain finance, judicial certificate storage, and other fields.

Development of Background and Topics

The blockchain technology is data tamper-resistant. In addition to the financial area, it is expected to be applied in many fields such as the internet of things (IoT), medical treatment, new energy, insurance, supply chain, etc. Furthermore, in the blockchain system, the time of the transaction, trading partner, and its contents are recorded in the blockchain ledger in a block way as the transaction data. Because the linking relationship between blocks is not related to the contents of the transaction, it is not easy to grasp or retrieve the contextual information of the transaction. Consequently, FRDC has researched and proposed the blockchain ledger data analysis model to support efficient retrieval and visualization of transaction data.

Summary of the Research Collaboration

With the continuous development of blockchain technology, China has achieved practical results in the fields of logistics tracking, supply chain finance, judicial certificate storage, and other applications. To further expand its application field, the Suzhou Tongji blockchain Research Institute and FRDC began to conduct research collaboration on blockchain data analysis technology in enterprise applications. In this research collaboration, we applied the blockchain ledger data analysis and visualization technology proposed by FRDC to the Wutong chain developed by the Suzhou Tongji blockchain research institute. Hence, we plan to provide trial service for existing or new blockchain enterprise customers from November 2019, through June 2020, to ensure the quality of service. Through this technical cooperation, we hope to test the compatibility of the ledger transaction retrieval function developed by FRDC with the data tamper resistance feature of the blockchain in the actual application environment and verify the convenience of the ledger transaction retrieval function in the actual application (Figure 1).

1. Period
November 6, 2019 - June 2020
2. Task sharing
Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute
The blockchain ledger data analysis technology developed by FRDC is applied to the Wutong chain as a trial service to existing or new blockchain enterprise customers.
The improvement of the ledger data analysis technology will be deployed to the Wutong chain to obtain the user requirements from the actual blockchain applications and carry out technical development and improvement for these requirements.

Future Plans

In the future, we hope to propose an improvement of the retrieval efficiency and convenience of blockchain data to promote the development and application of blockchain technology in a broader field. In addition, FRDC and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.(4) will jointly promote and apply the concrete results based on the trial service to the blockchain services provided by Fujitsu to customers.

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(1) Suzhou Tongji blockchain Research Institute:
Head office: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China;
President: Xiaofeng Ma
(2) Fujitsu Research and Development Center Co., Ltd:
Head Office: Beijing, China;
Chairman: Hirotaka Hara
(3) Wutong chain:
a high-performance blockchain platform independently designed and developed by Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute, which supports smart contract, UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) account system and China SM2 / SM3 / SM4 encryption algorithm.
(4) Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd:
Head Office: Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan President and Representative Director: Hirotaka Hara

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company, offering a full range of technology products, solutions, and services. Approximately 132,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries. We use our experience and the power of ICT to shape the future of society with our customers. Fujitsu Limited (TSE: 6702) reported consolidated revenues of 4.0 trillion yen (USD36 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019. For more information, please see

About Fujitsu R&D Center

Fujitsu R&D Center Co., Ltd. is the first wholly-owned corporate research and development institution with independent legal status established in China by Fujitsu group in Japan with an investment of US$4.4 million. The research area of FRDC covers all the business fields of Fujitsu, namely information processing, communications, semiconductors and software services. Founded in February 1998, the company's business scope covers the research, development and technical services of system hardware and software of information and communication technology, electronic equipment, network technology, communication technology, information service technology, material technology, ecological protection, and environmental governance technology, etc. For more information, please see:

Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute
Phone: 0512-66188618
E-mail: [email protected]

Fujitsu Research and Development Center Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0512-62925255-5908
E-mail: [email protected]

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