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Eisai to Launch Digital Tool "NouknowTM" in Japan for Regular Self-Assessment of Brain Performance (Brain Health)

TOKYO, Mar 23, 2020 - (JCN Newswire) - Eisai Co., Ltd. announced today that it will launch "NouKNOWTM" (pronounced "NOH-NOH"), a new digital tool (non-medical device) for self-assessment of brain performance (brain health). The tool was developed by Eisai using the cognitive function test "Cogstate Brief BatteryTM" (CBB) created by Cogstate, Ltd., and it will launch in Japan on March 31. The launch will initially target legal entities such as municipalities and corporations.

"NouKNOW" is conducted through a simple card test using a PC or tablet device to quantitatively measure brain performance in four tests evaluating psychomotor function, attention, learning and memory, and working memory. Users can self-assess independently and in a short time frame (approx.15 minutes), enabling regular assessments in instances such as daily life and health checkups. On the results screen, a score (brain performance index (BPI)) - as a measurement of quantified brain performance aspects such as memorization, cognition, and decision - appears along with lifestyle advice for maintaining brain performance.

In recent years, various research has demonstrated the possibility that decline in brain performance may be mitigated through major readjustments to lifestyle such as regular exercise, a well-balanced diet, and social interaction. On the other hand, according to a survey* of men and women in Japan between forty and seventy-nine years of age, it was revealed that 55.7% of participants understood the meaning and contents behind early assessment and prevention, 19.7% of participants were taking correct preventive actions in diet, exercise, sleep, etc. on a regular basis, and no more than 2.1% of participants were habitually performing self-assessments of cognitive function. These statistics represent disparities (chasms) which must be overcome in order to promote disease understanding and the incorporation of cognitive function checks into daily lifestyle.

It can be expected that use of this tool to perform periodic self-assessments about brain performance among the generation currently in their prime working years will create an opportunity for more widespread correct understanding of brain health and diseases, as well as a re-consideration of daily lifestyle, greater preventive measures, and consultation with doctors and other healthcare professionals. Eisai is to begin sales of this tool to legal entities such as municipalities and corporations. For individual usage, Eisai is planning to make data linkage available between the tool and a membership based smartphone app ( TM) within the Eisai dementia ecosystem platform that is currently under development. This tool is not intended to substitute for examination or diagnosis by doctors or other healthcare professionals.

In the medical field as well, there is a chasm with regards to the penetration of simple diagnostic tools. In the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, CBB has been developed with the function of providing expert assessment feedback for healthcare professional use and has been approved as a medical device with the name "CognigramTM". It is being used by doctors and other healthcare professionals in examination and diagnosis of MCI and dementia. Eisai is currently investigating the possibility of developing CBB for medical device use in Japan.

In its medium-term business plan, EWAY2025, Eisai is aiming to become a "Medico Societal Innovator" (a company that changes society through creating medicines and providing solutions), and is conducting various efforts for spawning innovation focused on the neurology and oncology areas. Especially in the area of dementia, Eisai aims to solve the anxieties of those living with dementia, as understood through dedicated socialization activities comprising 1% of its business hours spent together with those living with dementia, by establishing the "Eisai Dementia Platform" utilizing Eisai-owned data sets on cognitive function and biomarkers as derived through dementia therapy clinical trials. On top of that, Eisai plans to deliver novel benefits to those living with dementia and their families through constructing a "Dementia Ecosystem" by collaborating with partners such as medical organizations, diagnostic development companies, research organizations, and bio-ventures in addition to private insurance agencies, fitness clubs, automobile makers, retailers, and care facilities.
Through these efforts to familiarize "NouKNOW", Eisai aims to promote self-check and prevention activities for the maintenance and improvement of brain performance in Japan, in addition to the realization of Social Innovation through the Dementia Ecosystem.

*Independent online survey conducted in December 2019 by Eisai in Japan on participants in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and above 70, with 200 male and 200 female participants per age bracket (total: 1,600).

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Source: Eisai
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