Apr 23, 2020 19:00 JST

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Blockpass, Liquidstar Integrate Digital Identity for Off-Grid Energy, COVID-19 Relief

HONG KONG, Apr 23, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) - Blockpass today announced a partnership with "the Uber for Electricity" Liquidstar to provide digital identity verification technology for off-grid energy provision in the Developing World. The initial deployment of this integration is for COVID-19 relief in Nigeria.

Liquidstar is a Decentralized Autonomous Utility (DAU) management system employing container-based charging stations, called Waypoints, that deploy smart batteries for off-grid electrical power provision. From these energy source-agnostic Waypoints, service providers dubbed 'Power Rangers' manage the rental and deployment of blockchain-enabled smart batteries to homes, offices and shared mobility and delivery services. Power Rangers, who are local small businesses or enterprising individuals, coordinate payments as well as recharge, deliver and pick up batteries.

Blockpass' KYC Connect(TM) platform is a core component of Liquidstar's software stack, providing identity verification for members of its energy ecosystem, particularly the Power Rangers. Blockpass provides a digital identity verification SaaS to businesses that operate in regulated industries and an increasingly remote world where trust needs to be verified digitally. Through the Blockpass identity app, end-users can easily create a verified portable identity that can be re-used to onboard with any service in minutes.

Conor Colwell, Co-Founder of Liquidstar, said, "Blockpass plays a critical role in Liquidstar, enabling the first physical world implementation of end to end Human+Company+Device identity to power Liquidstar's Decentralized Autonomous Utility platform."

"We are excited about being involved in enabling LiquidStar's decentralized utility management platform to verify the identities of off-grid ecosystem participants," said Blockpass CEO Adam Vaziri. "In an increasingly remote world, there is a strong need to establish trust via reusable and verifiable digital identity."

In a pilot deployment, Liquidstar and Blockpass are working with Vista Advisory Partners, Feed the Streets Lagos, Afara Group, Ample and GCIF to provide masks, food, water, and sustainably generated power to those who need it the most. Funds, which can be donated via a project GoFundMe page ( https://tinyurl.com/y9etuxjo ), will also go towards inventory management, transportation of those goods, proper protection for those delivering the goods, and platform costs. Liquidstar has active pilots in Nigeria and Benin, with Indonesia, Australia, Lebanon, and others in development.

Liquidstar begins a funding round April 25th through Australian equity crowdfunding platform Birchal. The DAU startup is accepting expressions of interests on its Birchal page, ( https://www.birchal.com/company/liquidstar ).

About Blockpass

Blockpass is a unique, reusable digital identity (DID) solution for any organizations that participate in regulated industries and in the increasingly remote business environment where trust needs to be verified digitally. Blockpass offers an alternative process to cumbersome, repetitive and expensive Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks through a seamless merchant dashboard that is setup immediately with pay-as-you-go and no initial fee. Blockpass' KYC Connect(TM) platform enables businesses to select requirements for customer onboarding that can include ID authentication, face-matching, address checking, AML ongoing monitoring and/or screening of sanctions lists, politically exposed persons (PEP), and adverse media. Through Blockpass, end-users easily create a verified portable identity that they can control and re-use to onboard with any service instantly.

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About Liquidstar

Liquidstar offers a new category of energy distribution, utilizing Waypoint charge stations to deploy smart batteries for beyond-the-grid electrical power distribution. Liquidstar's vision is to leapfrog off-grid markets to the 'wireless' battery powered sustainable ecosystems of the future - solving energy access challenges for the powerless 1.1 billion and providing electricity for essential services during grid destroying disasters. The core Liquidstar software platform strings together various innovation layers provided by expert partners to manage the delivery of source-agnostic electricity through Power Ranger operators.

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Source: Blockpass IDN
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