Aug 05, 2020 12:30 JST

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Fujitsu Enhances VPS Series to Drive DX for Production Preparation Tasks

Supporting customers' business continuity in the era of 'new normal'

News Facts:

- Fujitsu Manufacturing Industry Solution COLMINA Digital Production Preparation VPS is enhanced with new Bill of Process (BOP) function, halving preparation time for process sequences and process information, while enabling faster planning of new models or switching production to another plant.
- Digitalization of product preparation process supports customers' business continuity in the era of new normal to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

TOKYO, Aug 05, 2020 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu today announced a new version of the Fujitsu Manufacturing Industry Solution COLMINA Digital Production Preparation VPS(1), a series of tools developed by Digital Process Ltd. to support the digitization of production preparation tasks in manufacturing. Sales will commence for the Japanese market today, August 5, with availability in international regions including Central Eastern Europe at a later date.

Demonstration of how process information can be used for more efficient BOP creation


In this version, Fujitsu has enhanced the function for creating a Bill of Process (BOP) that stores and manages data (hereafter referred to as process information) such as parts, work procedures, locations, equipment and tools, and manufacturing know-how used in product assembly in product preparation processes. This enables high-quality, efficient production by leveraging valuable data on product assembly to help customers get products to market faster and more competitively.

By promoting the digitization of the production preparation process in the manufacturing industry through VPS (Virtual Product Simulator), Fujitsu will ultimately support the continuity of its customers' businesses by furthering their DX (Digital Transformation) efforts as they transition to a "New Normal," amidst measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


In the manufacturing industry, production methods are becoming more complex due to the rise of multi-product, small-lot production. Therefore, there is a growing awareness about the necessity to approach production with speed and balance by creating BOP, which involves the quick and accurate collection of data on product assembly in production preparation processes. In addition, measures to improve business continuity (such as the promotion of remote work through digitization of the production preparation process) are required as the spread of COVID-19 and actions to prevent it are ushering in an era of new normal.
Features of the New Version

1. VPS Standard and VPS Manufacturing support rapid and flexible BOP creation

VPS Standard and VPS Manufacturing make it possible to carry over BOP from previous models to the new models. As a result, it is possible to create process sequences and process information on VPS in half the time(2). Process verifications can be carried out efficiently and quickly when planning a new model or producing the same product at another plant.

In addition, a new function has been added to allow tabular form entry on VPS.of the QC process flow chart and process FMEA table(3), which are created to control the quality of work in the product manufacturing process. As a result, BOP, which contains information on process control methods, can be created on VPS in an integrated manner. This reduces duplication and omission of transfer information when QC process diagrams and process FMEA tables are individually created and managed, and improves the productivity of process verification.

Furthermore, Fujitsu has enhanced design modification functionality, which reflects information about changes to design. The design structure tree(4) obtained from CAD and the manufacturing structure tree created in VPS are displayed side by side, and the modified parts are displayed in different colors on the comparison screen of the product models before and after the design change. This makes it easier to understand modifications in design information and enables the latest design information to be reflected more efficiently and flexibly.

2. VPS GP4 creates more accurate BOP by improving the adherence on the production line

VPS GP4 has added functionality that automatically places equipment on the production line. This is based on layout information and equipment names set in the product model of VPS Standard and VPS Manufacturing upon inspection of the layout of a production line. This feature reduces the time required to create a layout on a production line by 20%(5), thereby accelerating and shortening verification periods. When conducting productivity reviews, the ability to review work procedures (including tasks related to in-progress products between processes) has also been enhanced. This makes it possible to easily generate in-progress products, which are in the middle of the assembly, and reduces the time required for creating production line improvement proposals on VPS by 80%(6). These features enable users to create a production-ready BOP more efficiently and without any errors or omissions while achieving high yields immediately after production begins.

Future Plans

Going forward, Fujitsu will continue to support the continuity of our customers' businesses in the era of "new normal" by enhancing the functions of VPS to contribute to the further digitization of production preparation tasks, and to encourage customer DX initiatives to streamline productivity.

Sales Target

2,500 licenses over three years.

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FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution FJVPS:

(1) Fujitsu Manufacturing Industry Solution COLMINA Digital Production Preparation VPS Please note that outside the Japanese market the product is officially referred to as Fujitsu Manufacturing Industry Solution FJVPS.
(2) In half the time tested sample model on the assumption that it will be produced on the same line as the previous model.
(3) QC process charts and process FMEA tables The QC process chart is a form that describes the work procedure and quality control method in accordance with the flow of the manufacturing process. The process FMEA table is a form that describes measures to prevent defects in the manufacturing process. It is used to control the quality of work in the manufacturing process.
(4) The design structure tree A parts list that is a tree representation of the product structure, taken from design CAD.
(5) On a production line by 20% Calculations are based on the percentage of time required to create the layout of a production line as part of the total time required for equipment layout.
(6) Reduces the time required for creating production line improvement proposals on VPS by 80% This result was obtained by comparing the previous version with the new version using sample models and verifying the creation time of production lines, including in-progress products.
(7) Sales Price Network license price. Licenses purchased from client terminals on the same network are available at the same time, and there is no limit to the number of installations.
(8) VPS Standard V15L22 Set of VPS Digital Mockup and VPS Manufacturing.
(9) VPS Manufacturing V15L22 A VPS Digital Mockup license is required to use VPS Manufacturing.

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