Nov 10, 2020 10:00 JST

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Moonstake Collaboration Webinar: "Asia's Proof of Stake Trends" and "DeFi's Current Status and Destinations"

SINGAPORE, Nov 10, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) - Moonstake will hold a joint webinar with South Korea's major DeFi projects TZ Ventures, Takamak Network and Bifrost, "Asia's Proof of Stakes Trends" and "DeFi's Current Locations and Destinations'' on 12th of Nov, 2020. It will be held from 21:00 Japan / Korea time (ENGLISH Only).


The DeFi (decentralized finance) market has grown significantly over the past year, with DeFi-locked cryptocurrencies has increased from $640 million to $ 12.3 billion over the past year (Data from Speakers include TZ Ventures, which Moonstake signed a partnership with in August, and major DeFi players from South Korea such as Kevin Jeong, CEO at Tokamak Network, Dohyun Park, CEO & Co founder of Bifrost.

This webinar is a valuable opportunity to hear the opinions of experts about DeFi so please come and join us.

About this Webinar:
TOPIC: DeFi opportunities with Proof of Stake trend in SEA and Korea
DATE & TIME : 12th of Nov, 9PM in South Korea time (GMT+9)
- Shogo Ishida, Advisor of Moonstake
- Jaywon Lee, Director of TZ Ventures
- Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons, Scientific Advisor of TZ Ventures
- Kevin Jeong, CEO of Tokamak Network
- Dohyun Park, CEO & Co-founder of Bifrost
- Current staking and DeFi trend in SEA and Korea
- What key happenings we anticipate for the DeFi industry in 2021
- What communities expects to have future of DeFi
- Key elements should a good DeFi project
- Q&A at the end

Pre-registration is required to participate, so please register from the link below. RSVP Today to take advantage of this free webinar.

About Moonstake
Moonstake was recently established to develop a staking pool protocol to satisfy increasing demands in regional and global blockchain markets. Staking adopts Proof of Stake (PoS) as a type of consensus algorithm which allows cryptocurrency holders to increase the likelihood of receiving block rewards from its block validation transaction. It brings together the ability to stake and ultimately distributes block rewards based on contribution. Moonstake develops a staking pool protocol and provides business services through partners and companies. Staking is expected to help elevate the blockchain technology and work for decentralization.

About TZ Ventures
TZ Ventures incubates early stage blockchain startups on Tezos. They provide support to projects building on Tezos and venturing into equity financing in South Korea. They mainly incubate projects on Tezos and aim to build real business use cases of blockchain technology. They run a regular program that assists startups with office space, technical support, mentoring, marketing, partnerships, fund-raising and more.

About Takamak Network
Takamak network, a Decentralized, Turing Complete and Scalable Ethereum Layer 2(Plasma) blockchain. Tokamak Network is a platform that assures decentralized and secure property same as Ethereum Main chain while supporting high level of scalability and extensibility. Each Dapp is built easily for a specific purpose through Tokamak Network.

About Bifrost
Bifrost is a multichain middleware platform that enables developers to create Decentralized Applications (DApps) on top of multiple protocols. Not restrained to a single blockchain, Bifrost creates a new environment where developers can combine the best protocols to develop substantially more scalable and flexible DApps. BiFi is a multichain DeFi platform built on Bifrost that connects directly to Bitcoin and other blockchains, thereby expanding the DeFi ecosystem currently limited to Ethereum. Save, lend, invest with Ether, UST and even Bitcoin with BiFi.

Source: Moonstake
Sectors: FX & Digital Currencies

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