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24th Edition of CFO Leadership Summit: KSA CFO Summit 2024
Feb 13, 2024 00:36 JST
The 24th edition of the CFO Leadership Summit is set to unite financial luminaries and industry leaders on February 14th, 2024, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
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CHRO 50 Leaders Announced: Elevate HR For Saudi Arabia's Workplace of Tomorrow
Feb 12, 2024 17:00 JST
The esteemed HR50 Awards, which honour Saudi Arabia's finest HR executives, is scheduled to take place at Radisson Blu Hotel, King Abdul Aziz road in Riyadh on February 15.
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3rd Edition of HR World Summit Set to Redefine the Future of Talent Management in Saudi Arabia
Jan 25, 2024 13:49 JST
The field of human resource management (HRM) is undergoing a significant transformation in the fast-paced Saudi Arabian economy, where innovation and technology are the driving forces of business.
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24th Edition of CFO Leadership Summit: KSA
Jan 24, 2024 23:30 JST
In a significant leap towards shaping the financial future of Saudi Arabia, Exito Media Concepts is proud to announce the upcoming "24th Edition of the CFO Leadership Summit'' scheduled to take place in the heart of the Kingdom.
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20th Edition of Cyber Security Summit: Singapore
Jan 18, 2024 19:00 JST
In the heart of Southeast Asia's technological revolution, Singapore's vibrant digital landscape is a beacon of innovation and progress.
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3rd Edition Exito DevOps Summit: Singapore
Jan 16, 2024 19:25 JST
In the bustling tech hub of Singapore, the integration of the Low Code/No Code paradigm is revolutionising, exploring its impact on efficiency, collaboration, and innovation within the city-state's dynamic tech ecosystem.
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MedTech Innovations and Digital Breakthroughs: Announcing the 2023 Pharma IT Summit for a Future-Ready Pharmaceutical Landscape
Dec 01, 2023 17:55 JST
A notable pharmaceutical company in India faced significant challenges in overseeing its complex IT infrastructure.
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Digital Transformation Summit India Announces The Top 100 Digital Leaders In India
Nov 20, 2023 14:30 JST
The Digital Transformation Summit, India, a premier event at the forefront of technological innovation, is thrilled to unveil DT 100, a prestigious initiative that recognises the remarkable achievements of technology leaders in India.

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19th Edition Cyber Security Summit: Securing Australia's Digital Future
Nov 02, 2023 13:43 JST
Australian businesses have grappled with a concerning surge in phishing attacks, reporting a staggering 90% success rate in 2021/22 ? the highest globally and a significant 53% increase from the previous year.
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BFSI IT Summit Philippines 2023: Pioneering Innovation in the Heart of Manila
Oct 25, 2023 13:08 JST
In Southeast Asia, the Philippines stands as one of the most rapidly advancing economies. With a population of 106 million, the country boasts 50 million internet users and 34 million smartphone owners.
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DT50 Unveils 2023 Winners: Honouring Tech Visionaries in a Year of Innovation
Oct 10, 2023 15:16 JST
The DT50 is a prestigious award program set to take place at JW Marriott Mega Kuningan, Indonesia on the 18th and 19th of October.
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Digital Transformation Summit Indonesia
Aug 17, 2023 18:55 JST
Indonesia's path toward a prosperous future hinges on its ability to leverage the digital economy.
In Indonesia, digital transformation has transcended its role as a mere economic enabler; it has now become a cornerstone of the nation's economic advancement.
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Digital Transformation Summit, Egypt
Aug 08, 2023 17:06 JST
Egypt is actively pursuing a robust strategy to modernise its governmental services and community ecosystem, ushering in a fully digital and data-driven paradigm.
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Digital Transformation Summit: Cairo, Egypt
Aug 01, 2023 22:18 JST
Digital technologies are at the core of successful digital transformation processes. As these technologies rapidly expand and integrate into various sectors, businesses are reshaping their models to achieve their goals.
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BFSI IT Summit, Mumbai to Hold Physical Conference on 9-10 August 2023
Jul 31, 2023 14:17 JST
The BFSI sector plays a crucial role in any economy, integral to maintaining smooth economic functioning. In India, the "Digital India" initiative sparked significant change in the banking and financial sectors, driven by technological advancements and fintech innovation.
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DT50: South Africa's Top 50 Visionary Leaders Driving Digital Transformation
Jul 17, 2023 17:05 JST
Exito Media Concepts proudly presents DT 50, a momentous initiative set to applaud the extraordinary accomplishments of South Africa's technology leaders.
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18th Edition Of Information Security Summit, Asia: Indonesia
Jul 17, 2023 08:45 JST
Indonesia faces significant cybersecurity challenges, ranking 84th out of 194 countries in the National Cyber Security Index.
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20th Edition of Digital Transformation Summit, Singapore
Jul 05, 2023 21:37 JST
In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the adoption of digital transformation solutions by businesses, driven by the recognition of the importance of leveraging new technologies to enhance customer value.
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DT100: Honouring powerful leaders driving technology forward
Jun 30, 2023 16:00 JST
Exito Media Concepts unveiled the DT 100, a magazine which commemorates the extraordinary accomplishments of technology leaders in the UAE at the Digital Transformation Summit which took place on the 14-15 of June 2023 at the Ritz Carlton, Dubai International, Financial Centre.
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22nd Edition of Manufacturing IT Summit: India
Jun 16, 2023 18:14 JST
India's manufacturing sector is a key driver of economic growth, and there are several initiatives aimed at fuelling this growth.
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18th Edition of Information Security Summit Indonesia
Jun 09, 2023 14:43 JST
After successful 17 editions of Information Security Summit, Exito is all set to host another milestone event- which serves as an ideal platform to enhance insights on Gateway to Securing Indonesia's Cyberspace.
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21st Edition of Digital Transformation Summit, South Africa
Jun 09, 2023 14:31 JST
The operational landscape of businesses worldwide is undergoing a change due to digital transformation.
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Introducing DT 100: Celebrating the Top 100 Digital Transformation Leaders in the UAE
Jun 06, 2023 20:29 JST
We are thrilled to unveil DT 100, a prestigious initiative that recognizes and celebrates the remarkable achievements of technology leaders in the UAE. Organized by Exito Media Concepts, DT 100 aims to honor individuals who have made exceptional contributions to advancing technology in the region.
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6th Edition of Global CX Summit, Mumbai; Physical Conference on July 6, 2023
May 26, 2023 10:48 JST
In today's hyper-competitive business landscape, providing a seamless and captivating customer experience is no longer a differentiator but a fundamental requirement. However, many organizations struggle to develop comprehensive and forward-thinking plans to enhance customer experience (CX).
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22nd Edition of Manufacturing IT Summit, Mumbai
May 12, 2023 11:18 JST
The Manufacturing IT Summit is India's leading Manufacturing conference, bringing together the most influential IT leaders from the Manufacturing industry to discuss today�s most pressing technological challenges to foster deeper collaboration and generate new ideas.
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19th Edition of Digital Transformation Summit: Philippines
May 12, 2023 10:47 JST
The Digital Transformation Summit: Philippines, the 19th Edition of its kind, is poised to become the premier platform for forging strategic partnerships, addressing critical business challenges, and fostering knowledge transfer in order to accelerate the technology revolution in the Philippines.
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18th Edition of Digital Transformation Summit: UAE
May 02, 2023 17:18 JST
In recent years, digital transformation has become a popular term and remains a top priority for companies across various industries in 2023.
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18th Edition of BFSI IT Summit: Singapore
Apr 06, 2023 08:00 JST

17th Edition of Digital Transformation Summit: Qatar
Mar 01, 2023 17:54 JST
Exito Media Concepts is organizing a tech summit which is aligned with the Qatar's National Vision 2030 that is driving significant advancements in the country.
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