Feb 05, 2021 14:03 JST

Source: Denso

DENSO to Transfer Higashi Hiroshima Plant to DENSO Kyushu

KARIYA, JAPAN, Feb 05, 2021 - (JCN Newswire) - DENSO Corporation today announced it will transfer ownership of its Higashi Hiroshima Plant to subsidiary DENSO Kyushu on April 1, 2021. The plant will be renamed DENSO Kyushu Higashi Hiroshima Plant.

The DENSO Group has long manufactured compact motors for automotive wiper systems and washer systems at the Higashi Hiroshima Plant. DENSO Kyushu, which has a Kitakyushu Plant and Hiroshima Plant nearby that manufacture thermal system products, diesel fuel injection systems and components, and gasoline fuel injection systems and components.

By transferring the Higashi Hiroshima Plant to DENSO Kyushu, The companies will increase collaboration and share resources that strengthen the engineering and overall capabilities of each.

The DENSO Kyushu Higashi Hiroshima Plant will manufacture products for customers in West Japan. DENSO and DENSO Kyushu remain committed to manufacturing high-quality products for customers.

Profile of the Higashi Hiroshima Plant

1. Name: DENSO Higashi Hiroshima Plant
2. Location: 2-15-1 Iida, Happonmatsu, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan
3. Establishment: April 1979
4. Business description: Manufacture of compact motors for automotive wiper systems, washer systems, etc.

Profile of DENSO Kyushu

1. Name: DENSO Kyushu Corporation
2. Location: Head office/Kitakyushu Plant : 5-4-1 Honjo, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan; Hiroshima Plant: 2-5-1, Kamisenominami, Aki-ku, Hiroshima, Japan
3. President: Yukio Asano
4. Establishment: August 2005
5. Capital: 6.01 billion yen (100% owned by DENSO Corporation)
6. Employees: 1,566 (as of the end of May 2020)
7. Business description: Manufacture of thermal systems products, diesel fuel injection systems and components, and gasoline fuel injection systems and components

About DENSO Corporation

DENSO is a $47.6 billion global mobility supplier that develops advanced technology and components for nearly every vehicle make and model on the road today. With manufacturing at its core, DENSO invests in its worldwide 200 facilities to produce thermal, powertrain, mobility, electrification, & electronic systems, to create jobs that directly change how the world moves. The company's 170,000+ employees are paving the way to a mobility future that improves lives, eliminates traffic accidents, and preserves the environment. Globally headquartered in Kariya, Japan, DENSO spent 9.9 percent of its global consolidated sales on research and development in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020. For more information about global DENSO, visit https://www.denso.com/global/en.

Source: Denso
Sectors: Automotive

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