Oct 28, 2021 09:05 JST

Source: Toyota Motor Corporation

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Launches the All-New GR86
Fans of the 86 can test-drive and compare the GR86 and Subaru BRZ at FUJI 86 STYLE with BRZ

Toyota City, Japan, Oct 28, 2021 - (JCN Newswire) - TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) commenced sales of the all-new GR86 at GR Garage and Toyota dealers nationwide, on October 28.

RZ (6-speed MT)


The GR86 was jointly developed with Subaru Corporation (Subaru). In September 2019, Toyota and Subaru entered into a new business and capital alliance, and have promoted their goal of making ever-better cars in new fields, such as by jointly developing the new Toyota bZ4X battery electric vehicle (BEV). But the two companies also share a desire to continue delivering the excitement, thrill, and joy of driving sports cars; to this end, they have also engaged in the joint development of sports cars that embody the unique qualities of both companies.

The GR86 shares the same base as the Subaru BRZ. However, Toyota focused on delivering the unique driving feel of a GR vehicle, with intuitive handling and instinctive responsiveness, linear response, and outstanding agility at the upper limits of performance. While carrying on the tradition of the 86 and engaging in friendly rivalry with Subaru's BRZ development team, TGR sought to develop a vehicle that would realize a GR-like evolution. As a result, the new GR86 has been reborn as a car designed with outstanding driving feel that is both direct and satisfying.

To mark its launch, TGR will exhibit the new GR86 at FUJI 86 STYLE with BRZ 2021 (86 Style)(1), which is hosted by Fuji International Speedway Co., Ltd. The event will provide fans with the chance to drive the new GR86 at the earliest opportunity(2) and compare its ride with the Subaru BRZ, while other activities are planned to enable visitors to experience the driving feel of the GR86. Also, the event will be streamed live on TGR's official YouTube channel.

Overview of 86 Style

Date: November 21, 2021
Location: Fuji Speedway
Host: Fuji International Speedway Co., Ltd.
Sponsors: Subaru Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation

For further details, including how to attend the event, please visit the following website
https://www.fsw.tv/freeinfo/045799.html (Japanese only)

Sales Outline:
1. Base sales volume 700 units
2. In-store presentations December 11-12, 2021
3. The new GR86 will also be available via the KINTO ONE car subscription service3 from October 28. For the first time in KINTO ONE's history, customers will be permitted to modify the GR86 (illegal modifications and other exclusions apply); the vehicle will be available from 21,450 yen4 per month (including tax).

For further details, please visit the KINTO ONE GR86 website: https://kinto-jp.com/lp/gr86/ (Japanese only)

Production Plant:
Main Plant of Gunma Plant, Subaru Corporation

(1) 86 Style complies with government guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To this end, various measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will be taken, including taking visitor body temperatures at entry gates.
(2) There are limits to the number of test-drive opportunities available. For further details, please visit the following website
https://www.fsw.tv/freeinfo/045799.html (Japanese only)

For more information visit https://global.toyota/en/newsroom/toyota/36247827.html.

Source: Toyota Motor Corporation
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