Dec 24, 2021 13:43 JST

Source: Fujitsu Ltd

Fujitsu and Ridgelinez Launch Services to Visualize Customers' Carbon Footprint in Supply Chain
Consulting services contribute to achievement of SDGs

TOKYO, Dec 24, 2021 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu Limited and Ridgelinez Limited (Ridgelinez) today announced a new strategy to strengthen cooperation and deliver services that contribute to the resolution of environmental issues as set out in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Figure 1. List of SX Consulting Services

Figure 2. Dashboard Image

As a first step, the two companies will offer new services that provide robust support for customers in the Japanese market in achieving their sustainability objectives, ranging from the formulation of management strategies to the implementation of measures to contribute to the SDGs. This includes both consulting services to help customers in the Japanese market in realizing their Sustainability Transformation (SX) starting from January 2022, and services to measure and visualize CO2 emissions in customers' supply chains starting from December 24, 2021. A rollout of services to measure and visualize customers' CO2 emissions to the global market is planned in the future. The consulting services will be provided by Ridgelinez, a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited offering consulting and DX services, and will include support for customers in integrating ESG(1) into their sustainable management strategies and in realizing carbon neutrality with the aim to achieve zero CO2 emissions.

During its own initiatives to go carbon neutral, Fujitsu has been visualizing and disclosing data about the Group's CO2 emissions (including those from its supply chain), and has set concrete targets to reduce its CO2 emissions based on the SBT(2). Fujitsu has also been promoting active introduction and management of renewable energies via international initiatives like RE100(3) and the acquisition of the EPEAT(4) eco label. Fujitsu will leverage this accumulated know-how to offer tools that empower customers to measure, visualize, disclose, and reduce not only direct CO2 emissions, but also indirect emissions in their supply chains.

This latest offering demonstrates how the Fujitsu Group will continue to promote "Sustainable Manufacturing," accelerating the creation of secure and resilient supply chains and a circular economy to achieve carbon neutrality and to support growth that contributes to the harmonious coexistence of people and the earth. Fujitsu's commitment to Sustainable Manufacturing represents one of seven Key Focus Areas under its business brand, Uvance.

About the New Service

(1) Consulting services to realize SX in customers' businesses
Ridgelinez will provide SX consulting services, including:

- Support for customers in the formulation of sustainable management strategies to resolve ESG related issues
- Support in bringing customers' CO2 emissions to zero in order to achieve carbon neutrality
- Sustainable governance / finance support to assist customers in disclosing information to investors and other relevant parties

In order to provide these services, Ridgelinez will strengthen its internal structure by establishing "Sustainability Transformation Practice" as a new organization including talent highly specialized in the area of carbon neutrality (including renewable energies and bio technologies) in January 2022, and plans to gradually expand its staff.

Looking forward, Ridgelinez further also aims to build new channels of communication to share sustainability related news to partners and organizations outside of Japan in a speedy manner with the aim to contribute to comprehensive SX.

(2) Cloud services for visualization of CO2 emissions in customers' supply chains

- Cloud-based services to collect and visualize data on fuel and electricity consumption at each plant and facility as well as CO2 emissions generated in customers' supply chains including product manufacturing and transportation. The "FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution COLMINA Factory Optimization Dashboard" enables a graphical visualization of various types of manufacturing related data; using templates, customers can edit graphs according to their needs to display CO2 emissions by country, region, business site, or category.
- By combining this system with a service to collect data on energy consumption per plant and manufacturing process, customers can aggregate data more efficiently and ensure higher traceability in their business.
- Using these services, customers will be able to gain a more detailed understanding of their CO2 emissions (including those in the supply chain) and can accelerate the realization of a carbon-neutral management by analyzing and implementing appropriate measures to reduce their CO2 emissions.
- A rollout of these services to the global market is planned in the future.

Sales Target (Japanese market)
300 companies by the end of fiscal 2023. (Fujitsu's fiscal year ends March 31)

(1) ESG:
Three factors necessary for a company's long-term growth in order to realize a sustainable world: "Environment", "Social", "Governance"
(2) SBT (Science Based Targets):
Goals certified by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), which was jointly established in 2015 by organizations such as the United Nations Global Compact and the World Resources Institute (WRI).
(3) RE 100:
Renewable Energy 100. An initiative operated by the Climate Group, an international NGO, in partnership with CDP. Comprised of companies that aim to use 100% renewable energy as their power source.
(4) EPEAT:
The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. International environmental certification for electronic products by the U.S. Green Electronics Council.

Source: Fujitsu Ltd
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