Jun 01, 2022 09:00 JST

Source: Lexus International

World Premiere of the All-New Lexus RX
The rebirth of a global core model symbolizes the challenge of the Lexus brand

- The fifth-generation RX undergoes a complete renewal, pursuing the Lexus Driving Signature performance and next-generation Lexus design
- Introduction of performance models equipped with DIRECT4, a newly developed all-wheel drive force system to realize driving pleasure
- Next-generation Lexus design adopted to express a unique identity and a captivating style with a planted stance that evokes dynamic performance
- Powertrain lineup that includes the introduction of PHEVs to meet diverse customer needs, while contributing to the realization of a carbon-neutral society

Toyota City, Japan, Jun 01, 2022 - (JCN Newswire) - Lexus has premiered its new luxury crossover, the RX, online to the globe on June 1st Japan Time.


Since our establishment in 1989, Lexus has always maintained a spirit of innovation and continues to take on the challenge of providing new technologies and value to its customers. Based on the "Lexus Electrified" vision announced in 2019, we will achieve a significant improvement in fundamental performance using electrification technologies and provide electrified vehicle solutions such as HEVs and PHEVs. By 2030, we will achieve a full lineup of BEVs in all categories, and by 2035, we aim to sell 100% BEVs globally, contributing to the realization of a carbon-neutral society.

The original RX 300 pioneered a new segment--the luxury crossover--when it debuted in North America in 1998. Building upon this, in 2005, Lexus launched its first HEV model, the RX400h, the world's first hybrid luxury crossover. As a pioneer of electric vehicles, we have always pursued both excellent driving performance and environmental performance, and from 1998 to the end of April 2022, we have sold a cumulative (provisional) total of approximately 3.5 million vehicles in approximately 95 countries and regions. As a Lexus core model, it has evolved with the support of many customers around the world.

The new RX, now in its fifth generation, is a pioneer in the luxury crossover market and has undergone a complete renewal because it is a core model of Lexus.

The first challenge was to create a car that was fun to drive and one that could have dialogue with the driver. The "Lexus Driving Signature" evolves even further by thoroughly improving the vehicle's fundamentals, while maintaining the refined ride and high level of quietness that are the origins of the Lexus brand.

Following the RZ, DIRECT4 all-wheel drive force system using electrification technology is available on the new RX500h F SPORT Performance. This precise four-wheel drive control works in conjunction with a newly developed hybrid electric system to maximize the front and rear wheel grip and provide posture control. With DIRECT4, drivers will notice an invigorating, direct, and torque-filled driving experience. In addition, a variety of powertrains are now available. The RX will fulfill its mission as a global core model that contributes to the realization of a carbon-neutral society, while staying close to the increasingly diversified needs and lifestyles of customers.

The second challenge was to transform the design. For the exterior design, Lexus takes on the challenge of creating a unique identity through the use of the "spindle body", which provides ample cooling functionality with a powerful design style that conveys the new driving experience. The interior design is based on the human-centered Tazuna concept, which aims to create a driver's seat that allows a deeper and more intuitive connection between car and driver for exhilarating driving, as well as a spacious and comfortable passenger space.


1. Thoroughly strengthened the vehicle fundamentals and improved the Lexus Driving Signature
- A package with optimal weight distribution
- GA-K platform equipped with multi-link rear suspension for high dynamic performance
- Features a combination of high rigidity and light weight
- Achieves well-balanced ride comfort and high levels of quietness, which are the DNA of Lexus

2. Introduces the RX 500h F SPORT Performance, a performance model that pursues driving pleasure.
- DIRECT4 all-wheel drive force system that supports driving faithful to the driver's intentions
- Newly developed hybrid electric system 2.4-liter turbocharged HEV DIRECT4 with rear high output motor eAxle
- Braking posture control system to control vehicle posture during driving
- Large steering angle Dynamic Rear Steering (DRS) for high maneuverability as well as high speed stability

3. A diverse lineup of powertrains to tailor to the customers' needs and lifestyles(1)
- 2.4-liter turbocharged HEV DIRECT4 achieves a new driving experience using electrification technology
- 2.5-liter PHEV E-Four achieves class-leading EV cruising range and powerful acceleration performance
- 2.5-liter HEV E-Four/FF achieves low fuel consumption and an exhilarating driving feel
- 2.4-liter turbocharged AWD achieves torque-filled dynamic performance

4. The pursuit of a unique identity and proportions, born from a dynamic driving experience
- Side and rear design with a low center of gravity and a planted stance that reflects a new driving experience
- New expression of the Lexus front identity, originating at the spindle body
- Cockpit that maximizes driving pleasure
- Open expansive space that embraces all passengers
- Exterior colors that express captivating uniqueness and luxury with interior colors that create a refinement space

5. Latest preventive safety features based on a human-centered approach
- Advanced preventive safety technology Lexus Safety System +*1
- Lexus Teammate for comfortable mobility
- New Experiential Value using Advanced Technology

(1) varies depending upon region


24 years since the first-generation RX was born as a luxury crossover, the RX has been loved by many customers around the world. Now in its fifth generation, we embraced change using the RX with the aim of bringing the joy of exhilarating driving to even more customers as a Lexus global core model. We thoroughly worked on the car's fundamentals to pursue a new driving experience and design that was both captivating and rooted in functionality, aiming for a car that made driving more enjoyable and offered a more exhilarating experience on familiar drives. The new RX, which has been created without compromise through the combined efforts of development and production, will become your companion that enriches your life. We hope you will look forward to it.

Source: Lexus International
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