Jul 05, 2022 13:23 JST

Source: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Mitsubishi Power Receives Serial Contracts from Taiwan Power for Large-Scale Modification of GTCC at the Datan Power Plant
-- Four Unit with Eight M501G Model Gas Turbines to Be Upgraded for Environmental Regulatory Compliance and Improved Operating Flexibility --

- Project to be completed in 2025.
- Utilization of air-cooled combustors, premix functionality will significantly decrease NOx emissions, while securing high generating capacity and operating flexibility

TOKYO, Jul 05, 2022 - (JCN Newswire) - Mitsubishi Power, a power solutions brand of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), has received a series of contracts from Taiwan's state-owned Taiwan Power Company (TPC) for a large-scale renovation project of power generation equipment at the Datan Power Plant in the city of Taoyuan, on the outskirts of the capital city of Taipei. The contract covers a total of four unit of gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power plant (Unit 3 to Unit 6), comprising a total of eight gas turbines. The aim of the renovation project is to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) while maintaining generating capacity, allowing the plant to comply with increasingly tight environmental regulations, as well as to enhance operating flexibility by improving the operations and maintenance (O&M). Completion is scheduled for 2025.

Datan Power Plant

The Datan Power Plant is a natural gas fired GTCC power plant located approximately 50km west of Taipei. It has a total of 20 gas turbines (including Units 8 and 9, currently under construction), and is one of the largest natural gas-fired power plants in Taiwan. Once all facilities are completed and operational, the plant will have a total combined output of approximately 7,000 megawatts (MW). Mitsubishi Power has supplied 14 of these gas turbines, for units 1-6. The six turbines for units 1-2 are M501F models, and the remaining eight are M501G models. This project covers the M501G models, with work conducted on each unit in succession.

To reduce NOx emissions, the current combustors will be replaced with an air-cooled, premix combustors (systems in which fuel and air are mixed in advance), which lowers the local combustion temperature and curbs NOx generation, decreasing NOx emissions by around 60%. At the same time, Mitsubishi Power will utilize gas turbine components with proven, cutting-edge technology, along with the TOMONI suite of intelligent solution services, to maintain high generating capacity and operational flexibility. In addition, Mitsubishi Power will provide a full turnkey solution, handling the design, manufacture, installation, and testing of the auxiliary machinery.

Taiwan continues to face a tight supply and demand situation for electric power, with producers unable to keep up with robust demand. The country needs to increase its capacity margin, which indicates the degree of surplus capacity, in order to cope with peak demand loads, and high expectations have long been placed on gas fired power generation. At the same time, calls are increasing for measures to reduce the environmental load. Taiwan has adopted an energy policy that includes abolishing nuclear power by 2025, setting a target for 30% of electricity to be derived from fossil fuels, 50% from GTCC power plants, and 20% from renewables. Needs have also risen for reductions in NOx emissions and greater efficiency from power plants. Under such circumstances, Mitsubishi Power's receipt of the contract for this project reflects a high regard for its low NOx combustor technologies, and high level of performance and reliability based on its record supplying the existing GTCC power plants.

Going forward, encouraged by this contract from TPC, Mitsubishi Power will work to provide solutions to meet the needs of the entire Taiwan power industry, including independent power producers (IPPs), for reducing NOx emissions and enhancing performance. Further, by making a concerted effort as a corporate group to successfully complete this project, which is likely to become a touchstone for additional contracts, Mitsubishi Power will contribute to a stable power supply and lower environmental loads for Taiwan.

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Source: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
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