Oct 07, 2011 18:10 JST

Source: Fujitsu Ltd

Fujitsu Launches India-Based System Operations Services
Delivers same high-quality system operations as in Japan at a low price

TOKYO, Oct 07, 2011 - (ACN Newswire) - Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability of its new Remote Infrastructure Management service, which delivers high-quality system operations at a low price through offshore facilities.

The new service, operated by India-based Fujitsu Consulting India (FCIPL), remotely handles the operational oversight of customer systems. By bringing together a wide range of technologies and expertise from within the Fujitsu Group, the service enables high-quality system operations that overcome common concerns regarding offshore services, such as differences in language, culture, and technology. In addition, because the service is available at a low price, customers can cut their system operations costs and optimize operations from a managerial perspective, such as by shifting operational staff to focus on core business tasks.

Fujitsu's own in-house experience with this service has shown that it can cut costs for systems where it is employed by roughly 20% over a three-year period.

In recent years, as multi-vendor system environments have become more common, so have the troubles associated with them. This has led to greater demand for higher-quality operations services. On the other hand, due to the increasingly complex and larger-scale systems, operational support has become more expensive and work-intensive, resulting in a greater burden on customers.

This combination of factors is what has prompted Fujitsu to offer Remote Infrastructure Management service, which delivers high-quality system operations at a low price through offshore facilities.

Fujitsu has previously delivered offshore system operations services from offices in India, the Philippines, and Russia to English-speaking customers in Europe and North America. The company is now leveraging this know-how at FCIPL - a Fujitsu Group company based in Pune, India - to offer services in both English and Japanese to Japanese companies. With a large number of highly competent and Japanese-proficient engineers at FCIPL, Japanese customers can utilize the new services with peace of mind.

Service Features

1. High-quality, low-cost system operations services

FCIPL is building on the know-how it has amassed in providing system operations services to customers in Europe and North America to extend these services to Japanese companies. By taking advantage of the same high-quality system operations as in Japan at a lower price, customers can cut their operating costs and focus operations staff on core business tasks. Fujitsu's own experience with this service has shown that it can cut costs for systems where it is employed by roughly 20% over a three-year period.

2. Robust operations technology helps put customers' minds at ease regarding service quality issues

With existing offshore services, concerns over differences in language, culture, and technology have sometimes left customers feeling hesitant to employ such services in system operations where quality is a must. To allay these concerns and deliver high-quality system operations, Fujitsu has developed a series of operational technologies - including transition methods that enable risk hedging, clarified service levels, oversight by Japanese managers, and shadowing in Japan - to accommodate each customer's system configuration and nature of business.

3. System operations that maintain an advanced level of security

Fujitsu administers system operations with an advanced level of security by using a number of methods and technologies, including thin-client monitoring in which no valuable customer data is transmitted outside Japan, streamlined operational standardization and secure-operations standards developed for European and North American customers, and incident monitoring techniques developed at Fujitsu's Tatebayashi System Center. In addition, the service also includes continuous operational assessments to help customers improve their systems.

Service Menu

1. System monitoring

System monitoring including ping monitoring, log-message monitoring, process monitoring, resource monitoring, and environmental monitoring.

2. Utilization management

Fine-grained control over system-utilization schedules, job schedules, and other schedules.

3. Backup management

Execution of a variety of backup tasks, including system backups and database backups.

4. Performance management

Oversees performance management of resources information, such as servers and databases, as well as network responsiveness and webpage responsiveness.

5. Security management

Covers a wide range of services, including virus countermeasures, security patching, account management and security diagnostics.

6. Version/release management

Manages all system-related version changes and releases for customer assets, including operating-system versions and application versions.

7. Service management

Comprehensively maintains and manages all tasks relating to operations. Includes periodic reports to the customer on the state of service implementation and proposals for improvements.


Company Name:  Fujitsu Consulting India Private Limited
Established:   March 2006
Headquarters:  Pune, India
Branches:      Noida, Hyderabad, Bangalore
Employees:     Approximately 2,600 (as of September 2009)
Business:      Infrastructure operations services, ERP/CRM 
               development and support for SAP and Oracle, 
               offshore software development, IT consulting services 

Pricing and Availability

Service Name:  Remote Infrastructure Management
Pricing:       Available by quotation
Availability:  Immediate
Sales Targets: 10 companies and JPY 330 million during the first year 
               after service launch.

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