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Source: Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi Develops a Touchless Operating Panel Establishing an Elevator Without Physical Floor Buttons that Allows Users to Experience a Completely New Sensation
The Touchless Use of Elevators Is Possible Just by Passing a Finger over the Panel

TOKYO, Sep 14, 2022 - (JCN Newswire) - Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) and Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd. announced that they developed a touchless operating panel establishing an elevator without physical floor buttons(1) that allows users to experience a completely new sensation.


This newly developed touchless operating panel replaces the floor buttons normally found in an elevator car and enables elevator users to register a destination floor just by passing a finger over the floor displayed on the panel (LCD monitor), enabling the touchless use of the elevator.

This newly developed touchless operating panels have been adopted to elevators in Tokyo Midtown Yaesu completed in August 31, 2022.

Features of the Touchless Operating Panel

1. Enabling the Touchless Use of Elevators Just by Passing a Finger over the Panel

An elevator user can register the destination floor just by passing their finger over the floor displayed on the touchless operating panel's monitor in an elevator car. An infrared sensor detects the finger's position and registers the floor, enabling the touchless use of the elevator.

2. Realizing a Futuristic Elevator Design Without Floor Buttons(1)

While conventional operating panels must have as many floor buttons as the building has floors, the touchless operating panel enables the operating panel to be simplified and miniaturized, making unprecedented futuristic elevator designs possible as since it displays floors on an LCD monitor.

3. Panel Screens Increasing User Convenience

The panel has a direct registration screen including the frequently used floors, such as the lobby, that can display a set of up to six floors and information about them, and a keypad registration screen that allows users to enter their destination floor using the numerical pad. The direct registration screen is the initial screen to increase user convenience.

Additionally, the installation of a card reader in an elevator car linked to the panel enables the display of special floors that only people with registered card have access to on the screen to improve security and convenience at the same time.(2)

It is also possible to flexibly change the floors or floor information that is being displayed based on changes in the building's tenants.

(1) Emergency buttons must be physical buttons.
(2) When using a card which only grants access to one destination floor, there is no need to pass a finger over the touchless operating panel because the destination floor is automatically registered.

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Source: Hitachi, Ltd.
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