Sep 29, 2022 17:20 JST

Source: Toyota Motor Corporation

AEON and CJPT Begin Logistics Improvement in Kyushu
Taking on the challenge of improving supply chain logistics to support local lifestyles

Toyota City, Japan, Sep 29, 2022 - (JCN Newswire) - AEON KYUSHU Co., Ltd., AEON GLOBAL SCM Co., Ltd. and Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation (CJPT) have announced that they are working together on a logistics improvement project for the AEON Group in the Kyushu area that will solve problems faced by the logistics industry, such as soaring logistics costs and driver shortages.

AEON has been working to improve efficiency at each stage of logistics, from procurement to sales, to fulfill its mission of supporting the daily lives of its customers. The company strongly believes that it is essential to collaborate with partners beyond the framework of individual companies. An example is pursuing further efficiency by viewing the entire supply chain as a continuous process, in order to solve issues related to logistics and the protection of lifestyles in an environment where all costs are rising.

CJPT believes that streamlining logistics, in addition to vehicle electrification, is a path toward building a carbon-neutral society. The company has been working to minimize cargo and operation stagnation (logistics downtime) using big data and real-time processing, which are the strengths of connected-technology infrastructure.

AEON and CJPT share the common desire to help solve social issues as companies that are responsible for logistics in Japan. Based on this desire, the companies have begun improving supply chain logistics in the Kyushu area by combining the logistics expertise built up by AEON KYUSHU and AEON GLOBAL SCM with the connected technologies of each company participating in CJPT. The three companies will take on the challenge of creating the future of logistics in cooperation with their partners to support the daily lives of customers.

Outline of Joint Efforts by the Three Companies

- Establish new operations to improve efficiency by linking each process in the supply chain
- Improve efficiency by minimizing logistics downtime through the use of big data and real-time processing of connected-technology infrastructure
- Promote collaboration with a wide range of partners to achieve these initiatives

Source: Toyota Motor Corporation
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