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Mazda: Mid-Term Management Plan Update and Management Policy up to 2030

HIROSHIMA, Japan, Nov 22, 2022 - (JCN Newswire) - Mazda Motor Corporation today announces an update to its Mid-Term Management Plan and basic management policies up to 2030. Taking into account the significant changes that have occurred in the business environment including countries' environmental regulatory trends, heightened geopolitical risks, and rapid development of advanced technologies represented by CASE, Mazda sets forth the basic policies for management stated below and will promote key initiatives.

Basic Management Policies up to 2030

Mazda believes it is the duty of every company to conduct its business responsibility for the earth and society and we continue to pursue research based on our human-centered philosophy. We are committed to engineering and manufacturing, creating human connections and developing people in a way that uplifts the mind and body.

1. Contribute to resolving the social challenge of curbing global warming through our electrification strategy appropriate to regional characteristics and environmental needs
2. Conduct in-depth research of people and shed light on their relationship with cars with a view toward realizing a safe and secure automotive society.
3. Maintain Mazda's brand value management, offer our unique values, and continue to be the brand preferred by customers.

Key Initiatives

Based on the idea of "co-creating with others," Mazda will promote collaborative projects with a broad range of partners, hone our unique values, and adapt to significant environmental changes. In addition, we will invest in people who are the fountainhead of our company.

1. Initiatives for Carbon Neutrality
To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, we have set an interim target of making Mazda factories carbon neutral worldwide by 2035. We will pursue this initiative on three pillars: energy conservation, shift to renewable energies, and use of carbon neutral fuels. In this effort, we will contribute to realizing a sustainable circular society while coexisting with local communities and residents.

2. Electrification Strategy
We have set out a three-phase approach through 2030 and will flexibly address electrification. In the first phase, we will make use of our technology assets comprising multiple electrification technologies to achieve both a reduction in our environmental footprint and produce attractive products. In the second phase, we will introduce new hybrid system and, in China where electrification is advancing, introduce EV-dedicated vehicles as well as launch battery EV vehicles globally. In the third phase, we will promote the full-fledged launch of battery EVs and consider investing in battery production. We estimate Mazda's EV ratio in global sales to rise to a range between 25 percent and 40 percent as of 2030.

3. Value Creation through Co-creation between People and IT
Mazda will conduct in-depth research of people to understand and create models of mechanisms between the human body and brain in our aim to accelerate the development of human-centered advanced driver assistance technology and eliminate new Mazda vehicles as a cause of fatal accidents avoidable with automotive technologies by 2040. In addition, we will facilitate investment to train digitally-proficient personnel capable of easily utilizing AI and IT.

4. Cost Reduction and Supply Chain Enhancement
From a comprehensive viewpoint, we will look into both value chains and supply chains to thoroughly eliminate waste, irregularities, and overburdens to refine our costs, thereby enhancing our capability to reduce costs and resilience to reductions in production.

In moving toward 2030, Mazda will aim to continue our research based on our human-centered philosophy, create more moving experiences for people to enjoy while driving in their daily life, and deliver more enjoyment to everyday life which will uplift and energize people.

Source: mazda
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