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AWS Direct Connect location established at the NEC Inzai Data Center to create a hybrid cloud environment
- Strengthening support for digital transformation using AWS -

TOKYO, May 31, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) - NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701) has further expanded its strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS(1)) signed in November 2020 (2). This will strengthen NEC's support for customers' digital transformation (DX) and its ability to launch new initiatives such as developing industry-focused solutions, training NEC employees on AWS and leveraging joint efforts.

AWS Direct Connect location established at the NEC Inzai Data Center

The strategic collaboration between NEC and AWS has a well-established history of providing various solutions that enable customers to drive DX. However, while many customers choose to migrate from their existing on-premises environment to AWS as part of DX, some customers require personalized solutions to meet data residency preferences. To address this, NEC is now providing solutions that utilize its data center and AWS to provide a hybrid cloud environment that meets customer needs. As part of the expanded SCA, NEC is leveraging AWS Direct Connect, a cloud service that links customer networks directly to AWS Regions (data centers(3)) and AWS Local Zones via a dedicated network, through a new AWS Direct Connect location at the NEC Inzai Data Center (4) in Japan. This enables customers to benefit from a secure, high-speed, and low-latency connection to AWS.

By facilitating a hybrid cloud environment, NEC is able to support customers who are seeking the benefits of both on-premises and cloud environments. This includes support for customers aiming to leverage the more than 200 AWS cloud services for accelerating DX, as they seamlessly connect to an on-premises environment where they may run parts of applications in order to meet their data residency preferences.

As of March 2023, NEC had trained 4,000 employees certified as AWS engineers, surpassing its goal of 3,000 by May 2023. In the next five years, from fiscal 2023 to fiscal 2027, NEC will further strengthen its largest-scale delivery capability for cloud projects in Japan by increasing the number of AWS-certified employees to approximately 6,000.

NEC has successfully implemented a wide range of projects for migrating to AWS. During the migration process, in addition to solving technical challenges, customers are required to undergo many digital transformation stages, such as achieving new evaluation standards and embracing business culture changes to fully adopt cloud technologies. As part of the expanded SCA, NEC will launch a Migration & Modernization Core Team to support seamless migration and modernization for customers from on-premises environments to the cloud, which is an important first step in DX.

NEC has long been providing a variety of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to drive DX, responding to customer needs which include ready to use user-friendly solutions. Currently, NEC is providing more than 50 solutions and SaaS on AWS through its strategic collaboration. With the aim of expanding this lineup, NEC is consolidating its expertise and launching an SaaS & Solutions Core Team, while working with AWS Professional Services(5) to further expand its portfolio of solutions on AWS. As a result, customers will be able to quickly utilize solutions from NEC that feature its industry-specific expertise and to rapidly promote DX.

"I am very pleased to announce the expansion of our strategic collaboration agreement with AWS. We have opened an AWS Direct Connect location at NEC's Inzai Data Center that helps customers create a secure, high-speed and low-latency hybrid cloud environment with the AWS Cloud. Based on this environment, NEC will continue to support the acceleration of customer DX and business growth in cooperation with AWS," said Yuka Shigesawa, Corporate SVP and Managing Director of NEC's Managed Services Division.

"Working alongside NEC, we continue to unlock new value for customers, provide increased cloud skills training to accelerate innovation, and help local businesses in Japan to grow. This hybrid solution offering with AWS Direct Connect further extends our deep relationship with NEC and represents steady progress in addressing the diverse requirements of our customers' workloads. Through our expanded strategic collaboration, NEC and AWS will continue to help accelerate the success and digital transformation for organizations across Japan," said, Chris Sullivan, GM Worldwide System Integrators & Solution Providers, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

(1) Amazon Web Services: This expanded strategic collaboration is conducted by Amazon Web Services Japan G.K.
(2) NEC signs Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS
(3) AWS Regions are physical locations around the world where AWS clusters data centers. Each AWS Region consists of a minimum of three isolated and physically separate Availability Zones within a geographic area. Each Availability Zone has a group of data centers.
(4) NEC Inzai Data Center is a data center that supports the acceleration of customers' digital transformation and business growth.
(5) AWS Professional Services is a global team of experts that can help you realize your desired business outcomes when using the AWS Cloud.

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