Jun 13, 2023 14:56 JST

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Choshi City and Mitsubishi Corporation Sign Regional Development Agreement

TOKYO, Jun 13, 2023 - (JCN Newswire) - The city of Choshi in Japan's Chiba Prefecture (Choshi City) and Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement to both strengthen collaborations and help to revitalize Choshi City through energy (EX)* and digital (DX) transformations.

Choshi City has taken a number of steps to rebuild itself into a sustainable city that makes the most of the region's abundant natural resources. These include its comprehensive roadmap for redevelopment, its zero-carbon vision, and its DX promotion plan.


In May 2022, MC announced its latest management plan, entitled "Midterm Corporate Strategy 2024 - Creating MC Shared Value". Through connected advances in both EX and DX, MC is now working to revitalize regions and build independent, distributed communities that provide vibrant and convenient living environments and new, carbon-neutral industries that are powered by renewable energies.

Beginning with the launch of MC's offshore wind power project, Choshi City and MC have been working together to identify the region's challenges and to provide solutions for further development of Choshi City. Under the terms of our latest agreement, we are currently examining several regional-revitalization projects that fall within our scope of collaboration, the details of which are broken down below.

*Joint work in energy shall focus on balancing sustainable enhancements of industrial competitiveness and addressing environmental concerns.

1. Scope of Collaboration
(1) Use of digital technologies to revitalize and rebuild safe-and-secure local communities.
(2) Use of digital technologies and other means for energy, mobility, infrastructure and other fields to enhance services for local citizens.
(3) Construction of data-connectivity platform aimed at enhancing services for local citizens.
(4) Building of net-zero-carbon city through use of renewable energies and other advances.
(5) Use of digital technologies and other means to enhance education and culture.
(6) Reinvigorating tourism and other regional industries.

2. Project Examples
(1) Regional portal, digital tourism passport and other digital tools for the provision of public-information services.
(2) Subscription-based, home repair service offered by MC Group company HomeServe Japan Corporation.
(3) Power business-related services for net-zero-carbon city.
(4) Mobility services in anticipation of EV growth and on-demand transportation options.
(5) Establishment of "area vision" to promote tourism and tourism-related services.
(6) Sales of locally produced goods and diversification of primary industry.
(7) Work to increase hometown-tax contributions.
(8) Retail services developed by MC Group company Lawson, Inc. and its group companies.
(9) Development of emergency power system that makes use of flexible sources of electricity, including electric vehicles owned by MC's Choshi Branch.
(10) Support in providing property information and event notifications in conjunction with broader efforts by MC's Choshi Branch to establish facilities for local interaction and new business creation.

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