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Fujitsu pioneering supply chain CO2 visualization with successful participation in WBCSD PACT Implementation program
Aiming for net-zero through visualization and data linkage of CO2 emissions

TOKYO, Sep 13, 2023 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu today announced that it has succeeded in visualizing CO2 emissions throughout its supply chain through participation in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT) Implementation program (1), the world's first social implementation program to enable business-to-business data integration for product carbon footprint (PCF) information.

Fig. Program diagram

For its initial implementation of the scheme, Fujitsu leveraged its Track and Trust technology, a PACT-compliant solution based on the Pathfinder Network (2), to link actual data and calculate CO2 emissions in PCF across its notebook PC supply chain. Fujitsu also identified solutions to real supply chain issues, including how to improve supplier engagement and build ecosystems through PCF data exchange using actual supplier data.

Going forward, Fujitsu will continue to leverage the insights gathered through this project around data collection and collaboration to contribute to the standardization of methodologies and best practices for business-to-business data linkage in the supply chain together with industry associations including the WBCSD and other key stakeholders. In so doing, Fujitsu will help to address the resolution of global environmental problems, which represents one of the essential contribution areas defined under the Fujitsu Group's approach to Materiality. In addition to this project, Fujitsu will also provide the know-how gained through data linkage and methodology standardization as ESG management platform services and digital supply chain services for its Fujitsu Uvance portfolio.

As a Lead Company and PACT confirmant solution provider, Fujitsu will report on improvements and challenges in the implementation at the Scope 3 Summit - From uncertainty to imPACT (3) scheduled for September 19, 2023 (U.S. time). Fujitsu will also introduce its field trials and PoCs in Japan along with the progress of Japanese companies' efforts as it debates future initiatives in its capacity as deputy leader of the Visualization Working Group the GreenxDigital Consortium powered by JEITA.

Anna Stanley-Radiere, Director, Climate Transparency, World Business Council for Sustainable Development commented:

"We are delighted Fujitsu has participated in the PACT Implementation Program as one of the Lead Companies and Solution Providers and have been impressed by their dedication and progress in creating transparency on supply chain emissions. We are grateful for their continued leadership, cooperation and support and look forward to working together closely to further scale our efforts globally."

To achieve carbon neutrality, reducing CO2 emissions not only by one company but also by the entire supply chain is a global challenge. To solve this problem, companies need to calculate a standardized PCF for each supplier member of their products and coordinate PCF data between companies in a common format. Standardization across all industries has been a long-standing problem. WBCSD launched PACT in 2021 on PCF calculation and data integration methods, encouraging major initiatives, companies and solution providers around the world to get involved, and Fujitsu has worked as a member of PACT since November 2022.

Outline of this implementation

As a pioneer among Japanese companies, Fujitsu participated in PACT Implementation Program and, together with Nagase & Co., Ltd. and Zeroboard Inc., which participated in the Visualization Working Group of the GreenxDigital Consortium powered by JEITA launched in 2021, realized the exchange of data on CO2 emissions and the calculation of PCF among the layers that make up the supply chain from Tier 0 to Tier3.

1. Overview:
- Target product: Fujitsu's Notebook PC
- Supplier levels: Upstream suppliers in the supply chain for Fujitsu's notebook manufacturing (Tiers 1, 2, 3)
- Data integration items: PCF data based on the Pathfinder Framework
- Solution: Fujitsu Track and Trust, and Zeroboard, which are PACT-compliant solutions based on the Pathfinder Network

2. Roles and responsibilities of each company:
- Fujitsu (Tier0) - Lead Company, , responsible for building stakeholder relationships and overall promotion. PACT- compliant solution provider.
- Nagase & Co., Ltd (Tier2): Specialized chemical trading company with extensive network in OA equipment supply chain. As a Tier2 supplier, he is responsible for acquiring partners, collecting data from the supply chain, and collaborating with them.
- Zeroboard Inc.: Provider of Zeroboard, a PACT conformant solution, utilized Zeroboard for data integration with Nagase & Co., Ltd.
- Supporting Companies: KUNIMORI KAGAKU Co., Ltd. (Tier1) manufactured PC enclosures; LOTTE CHEMICAL CORPORATION (Tier3) provided resin materials; and SABIC's Specialties business (Tier3)

Future Plans

Through its continued participation in PACT, Fujitsu will continue to contribute to the development of rules and support efforts through the development of solutions and supplier engagement that enable real data linkage through the Pathfinder Network.

In addition, Fujitsu plans to provide digital supply chain services that comply with laws and regulations such as the EU Battery Regulation (4) and the EU CSR Directive (5), starting in the second half of fiscal 2023. By deploying this service globally and across different industries, Fujitsu will integrate data that is fragmented across processes and create a digital supply chain that connects companies to optimize the entire supply chain and contribute to achieving global carbon neutrality.

(1) PACT Implementation Program:
The world's first-of-its-kind effort enabling companies and their suppliers to share standardized data across the value chain, empowering carbon-informed decision making based on real data. The purpose of the program is to identify issues related to real supplier and PCF data integration in different industries and to verify the application and effectiveness of PACT conformant solutions.
(2) Pathfinder Network:
A global common framework for business-to-business CO2 emissions data exchange
(3) Scope 3 Summit - From uncertainty to impact:
The largest annual climate event of its kind, running 15 years on. It is hosted by the Climate Group in cooperation with the General Assembly and the City of New York.
[4) EU Battery Regulation:
New EU regulation that comprehensively call for other areas, such as due diligence to impose corporate social responsibility as well as electrical performance on all batteries sold in the EU (Including internal equipment and electric vehicle batteries).
(5) EU CSR Directive:
Short for Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive which is new EU corporate sustainability disclosure directive.

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