Sep 19, 2023 20:06 JST

Source: Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi Industrial Products to Launch High-capacity Multi-port EV Charger
- Contributes to the Expansion of Charging Infrastructure and Growth of EVs, towards the Realization of a Decarbonized Society

TOKYO, Sept 19, 2023 - (JCN Newswire) - Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd. ("Hitachi Industrial Products") today announced that Hitachi Industrial Products will launch a large-capacity multi-port EV charger that enables fast charging of electric vehicles (EV) from October 2023.

Large capacity multi-port EV charger developed by Hitachi Industrial Products enables to shorten the charging time and eliminate the charging congestion by increasing the number of vehicles to be charged simultaneously. Bidirectional charge/discharge control technology enables to eliminate grid congestion without the need for grid reinforcement, and to stabilize voltage control required due to large introduction of renewable energy. In addition, high-efficiency power conversion technology maximizes the value of EVs' potentiality as distributed energy resources. Hitachi Industrial Products will contribute to the expansion of charging infrastructure and growth of EVs in the market in order to realize a decarbonized society through this technology.


The Japanese Government has declared its goal to realize the carbon neutrality, with zero overall greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and set a plan for all new passenger car sales to be electric by 2035. Despite this, implementation of EVs in the domestic market is still slow due to shortage of charging infrastructure and lack of due consideration of specific use cases for EVs. It is also expected that the power system will be overloaded due to the growth of EVs in the future, and utilization of EVs as distributed power resources will be required to eliminate grid congestion.

Demonstration of one of use cases utilizing a "Large-Capacity Multi-port EV Charger"

Hitachi Industrial Products is participating in the demonstration project initiated by CHAdeMO Association to verify the Japan-China next generation charging standard CHAdeMO 3.0 (ChaoJi2) and to promote the standard globally. This first demonstration site in Japan for the verification of next-generation EV charging standard is established at Omika Works (5-2-1, Omika-cho, Hitachi city, Ibaraki Prefecture), and will be opened to domestic and overseas EV OEM (from October 2023 for 2 years)(1).

As part of measures to reduce CO2 emissions from commuting vehicles, it is planned to install large-capacity multi-port EV charger in the parking area at Tsuchiura Works (603 Kandatsu-machi, Tsuchiura-city, Ibaraki Prefecture) to encourage employees to use EVs for their commuting by allowing them to charge EVs during working hours (from April 2024).

Main Features

1. Multi-port (scalability)
Within the capacity of 500 kW, it is flexibly possible to arrange the output power from each dispenser such as 90 kW×5 port and 25 kW×20 port configuration with simultaneous charging.

2. Large capacity
Two models are available with 250 kW and 500 kW, which enables to support the global requirement for high-power charging (ultra-fast charging, large-fleet EV charging).

3. V2X(2) (Energy Management)
It supports V2X and capable for power demand control for the facility utilizing EVs as electric power resource.

(1) Hitachi Industrial Products (October 6, 2022) "Participation in the CHAdeMO3.0 (ChaoJi2) demonstration project for next -generation high power EV charging standard"
(2) V2X (Vehicle to Everything): Communication technology links automobiles and various products.

About introduction at Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2023 JAPAN

The product will be shown at the "Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2023 JAPAN" from September 20th (Wed) to 21st (Thu), 2023.

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Source: Hitachi, Ltd.
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