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Mazda Announces its Plans for Japan Mobility Show 2023
Mazda will exhibit under the theme "The future created by the 'love of cars'"

HIROSHIMA, Japan, Oct 10, 2023 - (JCN Newswire) - Mazda Motor Corporation has announced its planned lineup of models for the Japan Mobility Show 2023,(1) to be held atTokyo Big Sight, in Ariake, Koto Ward, Tokyo, from October 28.

Mazda’s stand, which will be based around the theme of “The future created by the ‘love of cars',” is designed to showMazda’s continued commitment to the creation of products that satisfy customers’ love of driving and cars. The exhibited vehicles will embody Mazda’s corporate philosophy: “enriching life-in- motion for those we serve.”

Theme of Mazda "The future created by the ‘love of cars’”

The Mazda Stand will focus on the MX-5, the well-loved Mazda icon. A variety of MX-5 models will be on show including the first-generation MX-5, an enduring symbol of Mazda’s original commitment to the joy of driving; a two-thirds scaleMX-5 model that provides a simulated driving experience for visiting children; the latest MX-5, which recently went through the biggest upgrade as the forth-generation model; and an MX-5 SeDV(2) that can be controlled using only the driver’s hands. Additionally, the new concept car designed to symbolize the exhibit theme will be unveiled as the world premiere at the show.

Mazda’s concept car unveiled at Japan Mobility Show 2023

Out of its stand, Mazda will join the show programs organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association. In the motorsport area, Mazda will display “Mazda2 Bio Concept,” fueled by the next- generation bio diesel.

Mazda also will take part in “Out of KidZania, the side project of KidZania, which is a popular educational entertainment venue that lets children explore the world of adult jobs through role play. Mazda will provide visiting children with the opportunity to go through two Mazda jobs. The “sand- casting” experience is designed for elementary school children, while the “stamping operator” experience is designed for preschool children. Both experiences, which take place inside a simulated “Mazda factory," will offer children the pleasure to be a part of automotive manufacturing.

Mazda will continue to pursue the ‘Joy of Driving’ under its core value, “Human Centric”, and aim to deliver ‘Joy of Living’ by creating moving experiences in customers’ daily lives.

(1) The Japan Mobility Show 2023 is organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association. Media access days will be held on Wednesday, October 25 (08:00-18:00) and Thursday, October 26 (08:00-13:00). A Mazda press conference is scheduled for Wednesday, October 25 (09:15-09:30). The event will be open to the general public from Saturday, October 28 through to Sunday, November 5.
(2) SeDV: Self-empowerment Driving Vehicle.

Mazda Japan Mobility Show 2023 website (available from 10:45 on October 10, 2023 - https://mazda.co.jp/experience/event/japanmobilityshow2023/

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