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19th Edition Cyber Security Summit: Securing Australia's Digital Future
10 November 2023, Hyatt Regency Sydney, Australia

SYDNEY, AU, Nov 2, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) - Australian businesses have grappled with a concerning surge in phishing attacks, reporting a staggering 90% success rate in 2021/22 – the highest globally and a significant 53% increase from the previous year. This alarming trend poses multifaceted challenges. The foremost concern lies in elevating employee awareness to recognize and respond to phishing threats effectively, requiring comprehensive training efforts.

Firms must fortify their cybersecurity measures, including email filtering systems and multi-factor authentication. Regulatory compliance, especially regarding data protection laws and incident reporting, becomes more critical as phishing incidents rise, highlighting the urgent need for holistic cybersecurity strategies and proactive compliance measures as organizations aim to safeguard sensitive data in an evolving threat environment.

About the 19th Edition of Cyber Security Summit, Australia:

In light of this, the 19th Edition of the Cyber Security Summit, Australia is a vital event strategically aligned to confront and guide organizations in overcoming the pressing cyber security challenges This event will provide a comprehensive coverage of a spectrum of cyber threats, notably addressing the alarming surge in phishing attacks.

Join us at Hyatt Regency Sydney and hear from the leading IT professionals who will share insights on emerging technologies, strategies, action plans, and best practices for creating a flexible digital organization. Our agenda includes panel discussions, industry keynote presentations, and solution demonstrations, all designed to help IT leaders map out the most effective strategic direction.

An exclusive, by-invitation event, this summit presents a unique opportunity for crucial IT decision-makers to engage in face-to-face interactions. With its core theme of 'Creating the Blueprint for Ensuring Australia's Digital Future,' the conference encourages collaboration, tackles challenges, and shapes the trajectory of Australia's digital landscape.

What Exciting Topics Can You Expect to See on the Agenda for the Cyber Security Summit?

  • Australia Aims to Be World's 'Most Cyber-Secure' Country
  • GPT & Generative AI: Weighing The Benefits And Risks In Cyber Security
  • How Will "Hack The Hackers" Help Prevent Data Breach Waves?
  • Ransomware Is Changing - Are You Ready?
  • OT Data & Security in the Cloud: An Evolving Paradigm
  • Improving Public-Private Mechanisms For Cyber Threat Sharing & Blocking

The Cyber Security Summit, Australia will be attended by top executives and leaders like CISO, CIO,  CTO, CDO, Heads of IT, Heads of Digital Solutions, Head of IT Infrastructure, Heads of Information security from a variety of industries. Moreover, Digital Advisors can also benefit from this event by getting a chance to learn, network and collaborate with the brightest minds in the industry.

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