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3rd Edition Exito DevOps Summit: Singapore
21 February 2024, Unleashing Innovation for Agile Software Delivery

Singapore, Jan 16, 2024 - (ACN Newswire) - In the bustling tech hub of Singapore, the integration of the Low Code/No Code paradigm is revolutionising, exploring its impact on efficiency, collaboration, and innovation within the city-state's dynamic tech ecosystem.

DevOps teams in Singapore harnessing the power of LC/NC are reaping the rewards of swift iterations and rapid deployments. The capacity to prototype and test ideas promptly facilitates faster feedback loops, seamlessly aligning with the brisk pace of the tech environment in Singapore. This operational agility transforms continuous delivery from a concept into a reality, significantly enhancing the responsiveness and adaptability of the software development lifecycle.

About the 3rd Edition of Exito DevOps Summit, Singapore:

With this in mind, the 3rd Edition of Exito DevOps Summit, Singapore is a strategically significant event that aims to help organisations overcome the impending issues posed by unsafe Low Code/No Code practices and other DevOps-related considerations.

The conference draws together leaders in the industry and experts in DevOps to explore cutting edge techniques and broaden their understanding of how DevOps improves software delivery speed, flexibility, and security. The goal is for the participants to get critical insights and learn how to apply DevOps and agile principles for better deployment processes, shorter lead times, and efficient product development.

An exclusive, by-invitation event, this summit presents a unique opportunity for decision-makers to engage in face-to-face interactions. With its core theme of 'The Future of Development, Collaboration and Culture,' the conference encourages collaboration, tackles challenges, and shapes the trajectory of Singapore's digital landscape.

Featured speakers at the conference:

  • Linda Chang, Assistant Director, Clusters & Technology Management Office (CTMO), Government Technology Agency
  • Karthik Ashok, Head of Platform Strategy Digital Channels and Data Analytics, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Srivatsan TA, Executive Director/ CTO-Architecture, Engineering & DX - Retail, Wholesale Banking & Digital Assets, UOB
  • Lorena Carbajo González, Head of Technology Risk, SC Ventures
  • Nilesh Gule, Vice President, From a Leading Bank and Many more!

What Exciting Topics Can You Expect to See on the Agenda for the Exito DevOps Summit

  • Enhancing Performance in Singapore's DevOps Landscapes
  • How to improve resiliency of cloud native applications using OpenTelemetry
  • Fuelling Innovation with AI/ML-Powered DevOps
  • Next-Gen DevOps: The Low Code/No Code Paradigm

The Exito DevOps Summit, Singapore will be attended by top executives and leaders like CIOs, CTOs, Software Engineers, Heads of Engineering, Heads of DevOps/DevSecOps and other experts from a variety of industries. Moreover, Digital Advisors can also benefit from this event by getting a chance to learn, network and collaborate with the brightest minds in the industry.

For more information on Exito DevOps Summit, visit : ExitoDevOpssummit/singapore.com

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