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Source: Mitsubishi Corporation

First Plant to be Operated under Hydroelectric Power Alliance Goes Online

TOKYO, Feb 1, 2024 - (JCN Newswire) - Hokkaido Electric Power Company (Hokuden) and Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) are pleased to announce today's launch of commercial operations at the Ainumanai Power Plant (Location: Yakumo-cho Futami-gun, Hokkaido). The plant, which shall be run by our joint venture company established in November 2021, Donan Hydroelectric LLC (Donan Hydro)1, is the first to commence operations under our hydroelectric power alliance servicing Hokkaido's Donan region.

Donan Hydro will replace the 5 plants owned by Hokuden (Nanae Power Plant, Isoyagawa Daiichi Power Plant, Isoyagawa Daini Power Plant, Ainumanai Power Plant and Ono Power Plant), and commence power-generation after the replacement. Donan Hydro shall lease existing waterways and other facilities owned by Hokuden and continue to use existing infrastructure. Only aging facilities shall be replaced once they are decommissioned, and Donan Hydro's power-generation operations shall commence thereafter2.

The remaining four plants in the region that are targeted by our alliance shall go online in stages once their replacement work has been completed.

MC and Hokuden are committed to leveraging Japan’s domestically produced energy resources. Recognizing its worth in the context of renewable energy, we shall endeavor to optimize hydropower generated by the Donan region’s valuable water resources and do our part to help Japan achieve carbon neutrality.

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