Jul 01, 2021 14:08 JST

Source: Toyota Motor Corporation

"Booking Car", A Cloud Service for Company Cars, Launched at Toyota Dealers and Toyota Rental & Lease Agencies in Japan
Enables private use by employees, reducing costs through sharing and providing benefits at the same time

Toyota City, Japan, Jul 01, 2021 - (JCN Newswire) - Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) today announced that Toyota dealers and Toyota rental & lease agencies in Japan have begun accepting applications for "Booking Car," a cloud service developed by Toyota Mobility Service Corporation for corporate customers nationwide who use company cars. Since the launch of this service at TMS in November 2020, we have received requests from all over the country to introduce and handle this service, which led to its nationwide expansion. We have received inquiries from about 200 companies, and have received high praise from customers who have already introduced the service.

The service has the following two features

The first is to improve the efficiency of company car management by making it possible to make reservations and use company cars easily using smartphones and other devices. The second is to use the framework of a "shared use agreement"* to enable the sharing of company vehicles for private use by employees during holidays and nighttime hours when they are not used for business, and to rent them out to employees at low cost, thereby reducing vehicle costs and providing benefits.

With an eye on the era of mobility services, since 2019, Toyota Motor Corporation has been offering Toyota Solution Services, to meet the various needs of corporate customers who use not only cars but also company vehicles. We offer a total of 18 types of outsourcing services and telematics services to meet the various needs of corporate customers who use not only cars but also company vehicles. This time too, we will be developing "Booking Car" as one of the Toyota Solution Services.

For more information, visit bit.ly/3w8CwM8.

Source: Toyota Motor Corporation
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