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Hitachi receives top "Gold" award in "Pride Index 2023"
Hitachi Group to hold its first "DEI Month" to accelerate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

TOKYO, Nov 7, 2023 - (JCN Newswire) - Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE:HIT / TSE:6501, “Hitachi”) is committed to implementing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as acrucial driver to achieve sustainable growth and create value to society by respecting planetary boundaries and improving people’s wellbeing. Today, Hitachi announced that it has received the top “Gold” award in “Pride Index 2023”, an index forevaluating activities related to sexual minorities, hosted by the Japanese non-profit group “work with Pride.”

Hitachi recognizes all diversity dimensions, such as background, age, gender, sexuality, family status, disability, race, nationality, ethnicity, and religion, as sources of value. For this reason, the group is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive environment, where everyone, including the LGBTQIA+(1) community, feel accepted and valued, able to speak upand contribute. This award recognizes Hitachi’s activities to promote DEI globally, including in-house seminars and “LGBTQIA+ Guidebook” provided for all employees.

In order to further accelerate the promotion of DEI, November 2023 has been designated as the Group’s first “DEI Month,”with webinars and learning materials deployed through the course of the month to encourage a deeper understanding of DEI among all Hitachi Group employees. Through these activities, Hitachi will continue to provide a comfortable working environment for employees where innovations are generated and contribute to a sustainable society that supports richer and happier lives for everyone.

Hitachi Group’s initiatives that support the LGBTQIA+ community

1) Distribution of the “LGBTQIA+ Guidebook”

Hitachi released the “LGBTQIA+ Guidebook” under the supervision of NPO Nijiiro Diversity. The Guidebook includes message from Senior Vice President and Executive Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer Lorena Dellagiovanna, introduces terminology related to LGBTQIA+, and showcases specific actions that can easily be taken into practice in the workplace to foster awareness and inclusion.

2) LGBTQIA+ Café Seminar

In July 2023, Hitachi invited instructors from NPO Nijiiro Diversity to conduct an online seminar for all Hitachi Group Employees. Around 500 employees from 50 Hitachi Group companies gathered for a Q&A session on the theme of “What we can do as allies(2),” using chat functions for both instructors and participants.

3) Using various channels for continuous internal communication

In addition to the distribution of “Inside Hitachi,” an in-house e-journal for all Hitachi Group employees, “Diversity forNEXT100: LGBTQIA+,” a new webpage for transmitting information on LGBTQIA+ within the in-house intranet website,was developed. Also, during Pride Month in June, in which communication on LGBTQIA+ is activated globally,Hitachi’s corporate logo was displayed in rainbow colors.

4) Creation of DEI policies for all Hitachi Group companies

Since 2022, Hitachi has published its corporate stance of respecting all forms of diversity, including gender and sexuality, as part of the “Hitachi Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Policy.” URL

5) Amendments to company regulations and social welfare benefits

As part of activities aimed at supporting the involvement of the LGBTQIA+ community and diverse human resources,during 2020 spring negotiations, Hitachi discussed proposals from the company to the labor union on “the application of various allowances and work-related systems for employees with same-sex partners,” and began reviewing systems and operations in April 2020. Through these activities, at Hitachi, Ltd. and nearly all Group companies in Japan, employees with same-sex partners qualify for in-house systems such as family nursing care leave and childcare/work-life balance support funding, just the same as employees with opposite-sex spouses (legally married) and common-law spouses.

Hitachi Group’s first “DEI Month” held in November

Hitachi has continuously conducted activities to promote DEI across the Group. As part of these activities, this Novemberhas been designated as the Group’s first “DEI Month,” with webinars and learning materials deployed through the course ofthe month to encourage a deeper understanding of DEI among all Group employees. Activities include:

1) “Together, we are stronger” webinar for employees

A webinar was livestreamed on the theme “The importance of DEI in Hitachi’s business,” featuring as panelists Senior Vice President and Executive Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer Lorena Dellagiovanna and the Executive Vice Presidents and Executive Officers, Masakazu Aoki (General Manager of Connective Industries Division), Alistair Dormer (General Manager of Green Energy & Mobility Strategy Planning Division) and Toshiaki Tokunaga (General Manager of Digital Systems & Services Division). About 1,500 employees attended the two sessions covering the global presence of the group.

2) Distribution of “Inclusive language and meeting toolkits” to all employees

Hitachi created a guidebook to ensure that employees engage in inclusive communications and to see that meetings are held in inclusive environments and will make this guidebook available to all employees.

3) e-learning program “Hitachi’s DEI Journey”

This program enables employees to undertake DEI education anytime, anywhere, in a multiple-choice quiz format, which is based on actual examples of situations where DEI and DEI fundamentals become important in the workplace.

Lorena Dellagiovanna, Senior Vice President and Executive Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer, Hitachi, Ltd.said:

DEI is a long-term strategic priority for Hitachi, and each of us must support DEI throughout the organization. I believe that the achievement of "Gold" award in the “PRIDE Index 2023” is a remarkable step in our journey. Through "DEI Month" in thisNovember, which is being implemented for the first time as an initiative for the entire Hitachi Group, we will share across the Group how DEI supports personal and professional growth and creates a more inclusive and equitable environment for all of us, to unlock innovation and allow everyone to thrive.

(1) An acronym for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer, intersex, asexual” with a “+” sign to recognize the limitless sexual orientations and gender identities used by members of our community; Hitachi will use this term consistently across the group.
(2) Allies: A person who supports, encourages, and stands up for persons in the LGBTQIA+ community

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