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Fujitsu and ANU to bring world-class quantum computing to Australia
Memorandum of Understanding to drive local innovation and talent development

Kawasaki and Sydney, July 4, 2024 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu today announced that Fujitsu Australia Limited and The Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra concluded a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to ensure that industry and government professionals, researchers, academics, and students in Australia will soon have access to a world-class quantum research facility. The agreement will see the two organizations partner to establish a center for quantum research, with ambitions to build an onsite quantum computer.

Aligning with Australia’s National Quantum Strategy to “invest in, connect and grow Australia’s quantum research and industry to compete with the world’s best”, the MoU sets out a long-term vision for how Fujitsu will partner with one of Australia’s leading tertiary educators to capitalize on the future opportunities and applications of quantum technologies for the benefit of local organizations and the global community.

Graeme Beardsell, EVP, Chief Executive Officer Oceania, at Fujitsu said: "At Fujitsu, we're innovating for the future of computing. Our investment in quantum research, coupled with strategic collaborations including with ANU, puts us at the forefront of the global race to develop the world's first fault-tolerant quantum computer. This is about more than just technology; it's about unlocking the next wave of innovation.

"Australia's commitment to quantum leadership is clear, and Fujitsu is playing our part. We're not just developing these technologies; we're sharing them, fostering collaboration, and believing that the next quantum breakthrough will come from a global, connected network of brilliant minds who are focused on developing technology for good."

As part of the collaboration, Fujitsu will provide ANU researchers and academics with access to Fujitsu’s quantum systems and simulators in Japan. To drive further innovation, Fujitsu, through collaboration with RIKEN, plans to release a 256-qubit quantum computer in March 2025 and a quantum computer with as many as 1000 qubits in fiscal year 2026 (1), cementing ANU’s ongoing access to the latest in cutting-edge quantum technology.

Under the new collaboration, ANU will develop teaching and training modules based around access to Fujitsu’s quantum technologies to further inform the overall approach to research into quantum computing.

On-site quantum computer ambitions

In addition to the exchange of knowledge, the endeavor will also aim to set up an on-site quantum computer at ANU to help local researchers, and government and industry professionals to develop expertise in quantum computers.

The on-site quantum computer will provide Australian professionals with access to local emerging technologies that will enable them to conduct advanced research in fields including cryptography, material science, and quantum simulations.

Professor Lachlan Blackhall, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) at The Australian National University said: “This collaboration with Fujitsu complements and builds on the ANU mission to further higher education on emerging technologies including quantum computing and will help to foster the growth of a talented pool of quantum computing professionals in Australia.

“ANU is excited to see this collaboration with Fujitsu, which promises to build on the University’s strengths in quantum optical physics and quantum algorithms. More broadly, this dynamic collaboration and the work taking place as part of it will help grow the nation’s commitment to fundamental quantum physics, which is absolutely vital if we are to harness the incredible potential of research and apply it to real-world opportunities for the quantum world.”

Fujitsu's quantum expertise: from hybrid platforms to commercial systems

In addition to Fujitsu’s plans over the next two years to develop a 256-qubit and 1,000-qubit superconducting quantum computer with RIKEN, Fujitsu has developed quantum technologies and expertise including:

- Hybrid quantum computing platform: A hybrid platform that combines a 64-qubit superconducting quantum computer with a quantum simulator which addresses the issue of quantum bit errors in current quantum computers by using a computing workload broker, an AI-based software that enables optimal computing by automatically combining various computing resources and algorithms.

- Quantum applications:
Fujitsu’s quantum computing research and development covers all technical areas, from quantum devices to platform software applications, actively developing new algorithms for chemistry calculations, financial systems, and drug discovery.

- Commercial quantum computer system:
Japan’s national Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has ordered a gate-based superconducting quantum computer system from Fujitsu which is designed to scale to hundreds of qubits.

[1] in fiscal year 2026:
Fujitsu’s fiscal year ends March 31.

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