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Source: Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve

Rimba Raya Dedicated to Forest Conservation in Indonesia
- Pioneering Ecosystem Restoration by implementing REDD+ (Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) program in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Jan 06, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - As conditions in the Indonesian rain forest have hit alarming levels due to commercial exploitation, PT Rimba Raya Conservation (PT RRC) has dedicated itself to the business of ecosystem restoration.

Driven by the increase in forest destruction and deforestation in Indonesia, PT RRC, led by Rusmin Widjaja, Commissioner, and Djonni Andhella, CEO, is focusing on restoring the ecosystem.

"I am obsessed with rejuvenating and repopulating the forests. By doing so, there will be more high-quality oxygen supplied from our forests, which means a better quality of life," said Widjaja. "Bringing such a project to life means PT RRC contributes to addressing the impacts of climate change, which has become one of the biggest global issues."

"Since we can never stop commercial logging, for the sake of the forests ecological balance, PT RRC has been paving the way to balance and recover the conservation of biodiversity and a sustainable forest," conveyed Widjaja, also a West Java Chamber of Commerce Representative.

The REDD+ program implemented by PT RRC not only aims to enhance the forest ecosystem, but also increase the welfare of the local community living around the work area, as well as educating and raising awareness in the community that we must use the forest wisely and conserve it so that it can be appreciated by our children and grandchildren.

"Sometimes, in restoring the ecosystem, we have conflicts of interest with the palm oil companies as they want to clear the land to establish palm oil fields, canals, and road access. This becomes a challenging situation for us to create a counterbalancing programme," said the Commissioner.

As a significant next step, PT RRC successfully developed the Gold Palm Oil program, where every tree logged has to be compensated by tree planting, and the involvement of the palm oil companies in REDDS+'s Community Development programs. "The ecosystem restoration business, therefore, not only provides sustainable and significant benefits to the environment, but also adds value to the local communities," said the CEO of PT RRC, Djonni Andhella.

Andhella, also the Chairman of the Chinese-Indonesian Entrepreneur Association, continued that PT RRC is dedicated to fighting for the preservation of the forests in Indonesia, in accordance with the company's vision, "To safeguard sustainability in the forest as a balance to climate change, and to seek an ecological balance between biodiversity and community welfare."

Always with the mission, "To maintain, protect, and develop the forest, which serves as the lungs of the world, with trees and peat lands for carbon absorption and storage, as well as balancing forest ecosystems as a source of life, both for environmental bio-diversity and for society."

PT Rimba Raya Conservation
Nisa Jalil
Vice President Public & Government Relations
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Source: Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve
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