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Higgs and Ausvic Capital collaborate with Token Foundry, a subsidiary of ConsenSys, to hold a Blockchain Summer Showcase

For promoting development of the blockchain industry

HONG KONG, Jul, 12 2018 - (ACN Newswire) - Higgs, a leading financial technology company specializing in blockchain technology, collaborated with Ausvic Capital Limited ("Ausvic Capital") and Token Foundry to organize a summer showcase about blockchain industry. Ausvic Capital focuses on the investment on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, while Token Foundry is a leading blockchain technology company in the industry. The companies join hands to make every effort to promote the connection between blockchain and each field in the real world in order to exert its infinite possibility and to build a more innovative, equal and efficient world.

Token Foundry is a company owned by ConsenSys, a leader in the blockchain industry in North America. The objective of ConsenSys is to develop decentralized applications for the blockchain ecosystem and provide supporting tools for developers and end users. The Token Foundry dedicated to allow everyone to build and participate in the future of digital monetization, provide new business opportunities, commodities and services in the global, fundamentally change the world and personal interaction.

Mr. Joseph Lubin, CEO of ConsenSys participated in the showcase and demonstrated a vivid speech. He mentioned that, "An excellent blockchain system mechanism is able to attract different participants to this ecosystem and standardize it. We work together to build a microeconomic or an ecological environment. This microeconomic encourages everyone to lend a hand, all of us can contribute to increase the value of token. Each of us gets paid and investors get involved, while tokens can be used and invested."

Driven by the new technology, blockchain has become the next ignition point of technology and will be an essential part to motivate the global economic growth. This summer showcase attracted the participation of frontier guests as the topic includes the latest development of blockchain. Also, Coinsuper, a professional digital asset trading platform, gave a speech in the showcase. The showcase enhanced the understanding and cooperation of all parties regarding the mining of cryptocurrency, blockchain projects and the underlying technology of blockchain, providing the above mentioned three leading companies an innovative idea.

As a hot topic in the financial sector, this showcase has discussed numerous topics and provided huge support for a healthy and orderly development of blockchain industry. Mr. Deng Ke, Chairman of Higgs, stated, "Blockchain could become a revolutionary technology following the Internet, Higgs will seize the opportunity for China's future development and continue to dig deep into the blockchain, hoping to take the lead in the future's innovative technology."

Mr. Chen Ping, Chairman of Ausvic Capital, stated, "Artificial intelligence and Internet of things are all for blockchain technology services. The success of blockchain technology is mainly due to the sound economic incentives. Blockchain technology can only be exerted since all assets are digitalized. The impact of blockchain technology on the economy has just begun, and there is still a long way to go. In the next two years, the block chain will mainly focus on solving the capacity and speed of the public chain. I believe there will be a miracle in two years or so."

Chairman Chen Ping, continued, "Blockchain enables users to make money. In the future's world, smart people should create a platform for free so that everyone can make money in their use. The world will have rapid change by the wise, the world will be peaceful only if everyone is equal in wealth. Only when all assets are digitalized will there be a globally recognized digital currency. Token must be a security and supervision will be strengthened in the future, any country will defend the financial defense."

About Higgs
Higgs was established in August 2017, headquartered in Singapore, which is a science and technology company with blockchain technology as its core. Higgs involves blockchain services such as heterogeneous blockchains and application solutions and blockchain integration solutions, aiming to create a more innovative, equal and highly efficient blockchain technology ecosystem with heterogeneous blockchain, "Higgs Chain" as its core, providing customers with comprehensive and integrated blockchain technology services. At present, Higgs has completed the business layout in numerous countries and regions, including Singapore, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

About Ausvic Capital (Hong Kong)
Ausvic Capital (Hong Kong) manages 70 million US dollars and invests in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We have invested in Circle, Dfinity, Skuchain, Coinsuper, Lino, and ten more companies and projects at early stage. Chen Ping, the founder of Ausvic Capital, started Blockchain Future Leader Foundation with Roger Ver, Jeremy Allaire, Zaki Manian, Tom Ding and Amino Capital. It aims to reward outstanding talents who have made significant contributions to the development of the blockchain industry. Each year, Ausvic Capital will recognize heroes from all over the world, screening blockchain future leaders and awarding the winners with cryptocurrency at the annual conference.

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