Sep 17, 2020 15:36 JST

Source: Toyota Motor Corporation

TRI-AD Office Wins "Creative Office Award" at 33rd Nikkei New Office Awards

Designed with employees' ideas for a new way of working that promotes innovation

TOKYO, Sep 17, 2020 - (JCN Newswire) - Toyota Research Institute - Advanced Development, Inc. (TRI-AD) announced today that it has received the "Creative Office Award" at the 33rd Nikkei New Office Awards held by Nikkei Inc. and the New Office Promotion Association (NOPA). By creating an office that maximizes the full potential of its employees, TRI-AD will generate new value that leverages innovation through the diversity of its people and their ideas.

Office Concept "AI PALETTE"

The guiding theme underlying TRI-AD's office design is the "AI PALETTE" concept--cutting edge technology that is centered around people ("AI"=Artificial Intelligence & love in Japanese), and the diversity of its employees all working together, maximizing their full potential ("PALETTE"=collaboration). Embracing the concept, TRI-AD aims to create an office where its employees can realize the three pillars of: "Inspiration," "High Productivity," and "Happy Work" through their daily activities.

A New Office Brimming with Ideas

TRI-AD has been incorporating many of its employees' ideas into the office design through the regular implementation of workshops that enable each and every employee to participate and put forward their ideas. Some examples include the honeycomb-style desks that promote Scrum and agile software development and the introduction of personal mobility.

It has also adopted a new system called "WISH STORE / WISH TOWN" to create an office that continues to grow with its employees. At the "WISH STORE", employees register their "WISH" for something that they would like to see incorporated into the office, and if other employees agree, they can vote to support the idea. Each "WISH" appears as a building in a virtual town called "WISH TOWN," and as support for a "WISH" increases, the building grows larger and in this way "WISH TOWN" develops. By adopting a unique communication method to realize ideas from its employees, they can enjoy shaping the future of the office together.

The Office Continues To Evolve In Response To Diverse Working Styles

In recent years, due to work style reforms and the impact of COVID-19, conventional ways of thinking and methods have been reviewed in terms of when and where people work and how they communicate, leading to an increased demand for flexibility and agility. With an increasing choice of work styles, the need for an office that meets the diverse needs of every employee is becoming more apparent.

Ever since its founding, TRI-AD has been advancing and promoting its IT infrastructure, mobile environments including personal IT equipment, employment systems, and in-house education and information sharing about new ways of working. Through these activities, it has created an environment where its employees can work productively and comfortably regardless of time or place. TRI-AD's office will continue to evolve in response to changes in work styles in tune with societal changes, allowing its employees to work energetically in their own way. Expecting more collaborations with partners under the new Woven Planet Holdings company structure from January 2021, TRI-AD will further promote innovation by using its office not only among its employees but also with its partners.

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