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Chiseikan Dojo partners with KRP to hold 5-part BizDo Seminar Series "The Way of Business Excellence"
Mar 26, 2022 06:00 JST
Chiseikan Dojo, an Aikido and Martial Arts Dojo in Kyoto City, Kyoto, will be offering a 5-part business seminar series in partnership with Kyoto Research Park (KRP) from Friday, April 8th - Sunday, April 24th.
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Chiseikan Dojo in Kyoto Grand Opening Event: "When in danger, how can you best protect yourself?"
Mar 04, 2021 06:00 JST
Kyoto's Chiseikan Dojo (Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Director: Yoshie Sugai) will hold a special "Grand Opening Seminar" on Saturday, April 3, 2021, to help teach children & adults the art of self-defense.
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