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Source: Manufacturing Myanmar

Manufacturing Myanmar 2014 Marks Singapore Exhibition Services' Strategic Foray into Asia's Newest Rising Star
New trade event to be premier gateway for international companies looking to tap into local emerging market potential

SINGAPORE, Oct 08, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - Singapore Exhibition Services (SES), Asia's leading trade event organiser, has made a move to pave the way for international companies looking to harness the vast opportunities of Myanmar's budding economy, with the launch of a brand new event for the manufacturing sector.

As the country opens its doors to the world with economic reform, Myanmar is primed to follow the footsteps of neighbouring Vietnam. Myanmar is witnessing an influx of foreign direct investments especially in the manufacturing sector, an outcome of having a strong low-cost workforce and strategic geographical location. They serve as strong incentives for manufacturers with labour-intensive needs to shift their attention to this emerging nation.

Coming off the heels of SES's successful series of manufacturing technology trade shows that are staged in Singapore and Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the inaugural edition of Manufacturing Myanmar, held from 2 - 4 October 2014 at the Myanmar Convention Centre (MCC) in Yangon, presents a premier platform for international suppliers to meet locally based manufacturers, forge relationships and build a sector that will play a central role in driving economic development and stability.

Commenting on the value the show will bring to the developing nation, Mr. William Lim, Project Director for Manufacturing Myanmar 2014 from the show's organiser, SES says, "Our manufacturing technology series of shows have successfully served the region's manufacturing industry for the last 33 years. Overtime, we have established a strong suite of exhibitors from all over the world that have provided the tools and technology needed to keep the industries in the region moving forward. The importance of a thriving manufacturing sector for Myanmar's economic development is absolutely paramount, and Manufacturing Myanmar will build the bridges that connect its budding industry to the infinite possibilities of the global market, providing the thrust that will drive Myanmar's progress."

The show is expected to attract approximately 100 companies from 18 countries/regions to provide the tools necessary to lift and increase capabilities of sectors such as automotive assembly, manufacturing and repair; building, infrastructure and construction projects; metals, mineral processing and jewellery manufacturing; and metal fabrication among others.

Manufacturing Myanmar 2014 at a glance:
Exhibition: Manufacturing Myanmar 2014
Venue:      Myanmar Convention Centre (MCC)
Date:       2-4 October 2014 (Thursday to Saturday) 
Time:       0900hrs-1700hrs
Website:    www.manufacturingmyanmar.com

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PR Executive
Singapore Exhibition Services
Tel: +65 6233 6637         
Email: patricia.yee@sesallworld.com
Source: Manufacturing Myanmar

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