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Fujitsu, JCB, and Mizuho Bank to Test Digital Identity Interoperability
Oct 15, 2020 10:00 JST
Fujitsu Limited, JCB Co., Ltd. and Mizuho Bank, Limited. today announced a joint demonstration trial aimed at further advancing a digital society in which digitally managed information attributable to individuals (i.e. ID information) can be safely and securely transacted online, distributed and linked between different industries.
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Fujitsu, SMU and A*STAR Launch Digital Platform Experimentation Project using Quantum-Inspired Computing and Deep Learning Technology
Oct 22, 2019 04:00 JST
Fujitsu Limited, the Singapore Management University (SMU) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)'s Institute of High Performance Computing today announced the launch of the Digital Platform Experimentation Project.
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Fujitsu and Ericsson Team Up on 5G Partnership
Oct 26, 2018 15:30 JST
Fujitsu Limited and Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) have entered an agreement to deliver end-to-end 5G network solutions and related services under a strategic partnership.
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In Singapore, Processes and People are Top Factors to Drive Digital Transformation Success
Dec 07, 2017 13:00 JST
In Singapore, Processes and People are Top Factors to Drive Digital Transformation Success
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Ambiq Micro signs distribution agreement with Fujitsu Electronics
Jul 26, 2016 18:30 JST
Ambiq Micro, a leader in ultra-low power integrated circuits for power-sensitive applications, and electronics distributor Fujitsu Electronics Inc. (FEI) today announced they have signed an agreement whereby FEI will market Ambiq Micro Inc's Apollo family of ARM Cortex microcontrollers (MCUs) and real-time clocks (RTCs) in Japan, Asia and EU.
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JCB Starts Trials of Payment by Palm for Practical Application
Oct 07, 2015 11:00 JST
JCB Co., Ltd. ("JCB"), the only international payment brand based in Japan, will be conducting a trial of payment using palm vein authentication in corporation with Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Frontech Limited.
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Fujitsu, PETRA, and NEDO Achieve World's Lowest Energy Requirements of 5 mW per 1 Gbps for High-Speed Inter-Processor Data Transmissions
Feb 23, 2015 15:00 JST
Fujitsu, Fujitsu Laboratories, Fujitsu Laboratories of America, the Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association (PETRA), and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) today announced that they have jointly developed the world's most energy-efficient silicon photonics optical transceiver circuit for high-speed data transmissions between CPUs in servers and supercomputers, requiring only 5 mW of electricity per 1 Gbps of transmission speed.
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Fujitsu Partners with Singapore to Set Up Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Urbanization
Oct 15, 2014 20:50 JST
Fujitsu Limited, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and the Singapore Management University (SMU) have today signed a Master Research Collaboration Agreement (MRCA) at Fusionopolis.
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More than 100,000 Buyers Take in Two HKTDC Electronics Fairs
Oct 17, 2013 19:20 JST
More than 100,000 buyers, a new record, took part in the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) and electronicAsia. The two fairs, which opened 13 October, ended their four-day run at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre yesterday.
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Fujitsu Demonstrates Ultra-High-Speed Short-Reach Data Transmission Based on Multi-level Signaling and Advanced ADC/DAC Technology
Oct 22, 2012 17:00 JST
This serves as a benchmark for what can be achieved over short-reach electrical channels using the same field-proven CMOS converter technology deployed in long-haul optical transport systems today.
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Fujitsu's Third Global Benchmark Report Finds Organisations Missing Opportunities to Cut Costs and Save Energy
Oct 12, 2012 12:00 JST
This year's report reveals that efforts to improve ICT Sustainability have stalled in organisations across the world and opportunities to cut costs and make more efficient use of resources are not being maximised.
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New Online Trading System for Daiwa Securities Goes into Full Operation
Jul 25, 2012 15:20 JST
Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd., Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd., and Fujitsu Limited today announced that they have upgraded the infrastructure platform for Daiwa Securities' online trading system.
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Fujitsu Establishes Research Laboratory in China's Guangdong Province to Explore Industrial Applications for ICT
Jul 11, 2012 17:00 JST
Fujitsu today announced that it has established a new research laboratory to explore industrial applications for ICT within its local subsidiary in Guangdong, China.
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JICA Awards Contract for Study on Modernizing Myanmar's Financial Technology Infrastructure
Mar 26, 2012 14:53 JST
A consortium consisting of Daiwa Institute of Research, NTT DATA and Fujitsu has been awarded the contract to conduct a study on modernizing Myanmar's financial ICT systems by JICA.
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Fujitsu Launches India-Based System Operations Services
Oct 07, 2011 17:10 JST
Fujitsu today announced the immediate availability of its new Remote Infrastructure Management service, which delivers high-quality system operations at a low price through offshore facilities.
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Fujitsu Partners Atmail to Deliver the Next Generation Web Based Mobile Unified Communications Application
Jun 22, 2011 18:53 JST
Fujitsu, a leading provider of ICT-based business solutions, today announced its exclusive partnership with Atmail to offer service providers in ASEAN the next generation unified communication application.
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Fujitsu and Folli Follie Collaborate to Launch Mobile Phone in the Chinese Market
Jun 16, 2011 15:25 JST
The new mobile phone, a result of collaborative efforts undertaken together with jewellery, watches and accessories brand Folli Follie, is not only gorgeously designed but also capable of simplified Chinese character display and input.
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Fujitsu Launches Three Cloud Offerings in Singapore
Jun 10, 2011 14:00 JST
Fujitsu, a leading provider of ICT-based business solutions, today announced the launch of three cloud offerings in Singapore. These offerings have been developed with Fujitsu's customers, based on a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities they face.
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Fujitsu Deploys Six-Country Global Cloud Platform
Jun 08, 2011 12:30 JST
In this way, local customers in regions throughout the world and global corporations with local operations are able to take advantage of On-Demand Virtual System Service or its equivalent via access to datacenters in each region.
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NEC and Fujitsu Win Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE)
Jan 31, 2011 15:00 JST
NEC and Fujitsu announced an agreement with NTT Communications, the Philippines Long Distance Telephone Company, StarHub Limited and Telekom Malaysia Berhad to construct the Asia Submarine-cable Express system, a high-bandwidth optical submarine cable system that will link Japan to Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Malaysia.
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Fujitsu Launches Library Cross-Search Service for Teikyo University
Nov 01, 2010 12:12 JST
Fujitsu and Teikyo University today announced the recent launch of a Software as a Service (SaaS)-based library portal site for university students and faculty in Japan, with the aim of implementing a next-generation library that helps build up motivation for study in students.
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Fujitsu Seals Server, Storage Deal with China Mobile
Oct 15, 2010 12:40 JST
Fujitsu announced today that China Mobile Communications Corporation, the country's largest mobile phone carrier with 550 million subscribers*, has purchased over 500 units of Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise UNIX servers and ETERNUS disk storage systems, worth up to US$50 million.
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Fujitsu Shrinks by 70% Distortion-Compensation Circuit for Fiber-Optic Transmissions over 100 Gbps
Sep 22, 2010 13:59 JST
Fujitsu and Fujitsu Research and Development Center Co., Ltd. of China today jointly announced that they have developed a digital signal processing algorithm that compensates for waveform distortion in signals sent over hundreds of kilometers of fiber-optic lines, as part of a long-haul transmission system, and that they have also reduced the size of the required circuitry by approximately 70%.
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'Green IT: The Global Benchmark' Report Reveals Lack of Green IT Maturity
Aug 27, 2010 18:32 JST
Fujitsu today announced its research report Green IT: Global Benchmark, which contains findings of the first multi-country survey to determine the maturity of Green IT practices and technologies in large IT-using organisations in Australia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and India.
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Fujitsu Launches SELECT Partner Program in Hong Kong
Aug 13, 2010 08:08 JST
Fujitsu today announced the launch of the Fujitsu SELECT Partner Program in Hong Kong, following the global program's success around the globe.
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Fujitsu Semiconductor Launches 8-bit Microcontroller with Built-in Analog Comparator and Operational Amplifier
Aug 10, 2010 18:07 JST
Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd (FSAL) today announced the development of a new series in its F2MC-8FX family of high-performance 8-bit microcontrollers with embedded flash memory.
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Fujitsu Upgrades its Entry-level Tape Libraries with Next-Generation Tape Drives
Aug 10, 2010 15:43 JST
Fujitsu today announced that its ETERNUS LT20, LT40 and LT60 tape libraries will be equipped with the next generation of LTO tape drives, LTO-5.
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Fujitsu Releases One-Touch Internet Access "Raku-Raku" Mobile Phone
Jul 21, 2010 09:28 JST
Fujitsu today announced that its new Raku-Raku Phone 7 will be available in Japan beginning July 23, 2010, through sales partner NTT DOCOMO, INC.
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Hydro Selects Fujitsu as Global IT Infrastructure Services Outsourcing Provider
Jun 30, 2010 19:41 JST
Fujitsu, one of the world's leading IT service providers, has today entered into a six-year global delivery agreement with Norsk Hydro ASA, one of the world's leading integrated aluminium companies. The agreement covers full outsourcing and development of Hydro's IT infrastructure services systems in Norway and abroad.
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