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Source: 21st Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)

International Automotive Conference Begins Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2013 Programs

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, Sep 20, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - Starting the series of programs offered in the Indonesia International Motor Show that will be held from 19 to 29 September 2013, the Association of Indonesia Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) once again held an international level automotive conference, The 8th Indonesia International Automotive Conference (IIAC), which took place at Lawu room, 6th floor, Trade Center Building, JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta on Tuesday (17/9).

This year's "8th IIAC" was conducted to support "the 1st APEC-AD Workshop" and carry the theme of "Green Car Development Facilitation" that focus on the development of green car in Asia-Pacific region. Presenting international speakers, the Conference/Workshop was attended by representatives from global audience such as the U.S., Japan, Korea, China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The program is expected to capture global the attention of all related stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region.

One of the main topics discussed in the conference is the development of policies for fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles as well as the use of alternative energy which is the current global issue. Participants were also invited to discuss various aspects related to the above policies. The event, which was attended by automotive industry players, observers, and other related stakeholders, was opened by Jongkie D Sugiharto, Chairman I Gaikindo and followed by a keynote speakers, Budi Darmadi, Director General of High-Tech Leading Industry, representing the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia.

In this session, the discussion focused on the policies taken by the government of Indonesia to support the green car initiative such as incentives in terms of tax and other related regulations. On the occasion, Jongkie D Sugiharto, said that the government has taken the necessary steps to support the development of green car in Indonesia. "This is a good step towards the development of efficient and environmentally friendly automotive products. The steps taken by the government certainly appreciated by local automotive players which in turn will help driving the national automotive industry," said Jongkie.

The conference also featured various foreign and local speakers who spoke on various themes related to the theme of "Green Car Development Facilitation". The speakers, among others were, Matt Blunt, President of American Automotive Policy Council (AAPC), who discussed about Advanced Auto Technology Development and Facilitation; Mr. Tomohisa Maruyama, Electric Vehicle, Advance Technology, and ITS Promotion Office, Automotive Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, METI, who discussed about Japanese Government's Effort in Developing Charging Infrastructures for EV/PHV oleh and Mr. Kim Chul Whan, General Manager International Cooperation Team, Korean Automobile Manufacturers Association (KAMA), who discussed about Current Status of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV). All of the speakers in general talked about the development of automotive technology in their respected countries which weighing on efficient and environmentally friendly technology with efficient use of alternative energy.

Related to the above theme, Indonesian government recently issued the policy on Low Carbon Emission Program (LCEP) that acts as the umbrella for various environmentally friendly programs such as the Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) program, hybrid vehicles, bio-fuel vehicles, and electric vehicles. One of the initial programs under the LCEP that the government is currently highlighting is the LCGC program which is expected to drive national automotive players to create more technologies and products based on "Global Green" initiative.

"The conference provides a wonderful chance for Indonesia to introduce its green car policy. The program, after all, is fully supported by the government as can be seen from the various policies issued by the government. Besides highlighting the economic value, the policies also emphasize the environmental impact that continuously reduced. We hope these policies can also attract investors to invest in Indonesia automotive sector considering the ample opportunities for future growth," said Budi Darmadi. Still related to investment opportunity, he advised all stakeholders to provide and support the potential of local producers, by embracing local automotive business players in the utilization of non-high-tech components.

This year's IIAC features eight speakers from 8 countries who discussed about the growth of efficient and environmentally friendly future vehicles. With the increasing campaign for green initiative from automotive industry players, vehicles capable of fulfilling the above demand are predicted to be favored by consumers. On the other side, the policy on affordable green car should be coupled with the availability of supporting structure and infrastructure i.e. quality fuel, as well as other related policies and regulation in other sectors such as financing.

This year's IIMS is expected to be furnished with various automotive products carrying the latest green technology created by the minds of designers and technicians of the participating manufacturers. The presence of these products is believed to be able to meet public hopes and demands for affordable green vehicles that are comfort to drive.

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