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Source: 21st Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)

Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2013: New Access Eases Visitors to Reach Exhibition Area

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, Sep 28, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - The Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) is getting bigger and bigger, and this year, the total area used for the exhibition was more than 75,000 square meters, an increase compared to 70,000 square meters last year. The additional area is also seen in the semi-permanent hall, and the total area for semi-permanent in this year's exhibition is five areas which are designated for supporting industries of the country's automotive sector.

To keep up with the increasing exhibition area and to offer ease of access for visitors, the committee has prepared new accesses to enable visitors to reach the exhibition areas faster. This year, the committee prepares 6 main entrances to the exhibition area with 3 entrances located at the Trade Center Building, while the rest are located near the main parking area of JIExpo, Kemayoran.

The two new accesses to the exhibition area are in the A6 parking area (West Parking) that provides direct access to Hall C which is occupied by 6 brands namely KIA, Jaguar, Land Rover, Peugeot, Renault and Tata Motors. The next access is located at the Gate 2 area (North Parking) that is also prepared as the new drop-off area. The committee arranged this to offer comfort to visitors coming from both of the parking areas so their parking spot is not too far away from the exhibition entrance. As for the new drop-off area, the entrance is directed straight to the semi-permanent hall.

"We realize that many visitors come to the exhibition to find accessories for their vehicle. Therefore, we are preparing direct access to the semi-permanent hall which is designed specifically for automotive supporting industries. We also expanded the width of the semi-permanent area due to the increasing number of participating companies of the supporting industries in this year's exhibition," said Abiyoso Wietono, Automotive Division Manager, Dyandra Promosindo. He added that the semi-permanent hall has 9 main entrances with 8 connecting doors that link one semi-permanent hall with the other.

Fauzan, a visitor of IIMS 2013, appreciates the new access, particularly the one next to the West Parking area of JIExpo. "By placing an entrance in this spot, visitors no longer have to walk too far to get to the exhibition area," said Fauzan. He initially planned to park at the North Parking area that was closer to the Hall D but he was redirected to park at the West Parking area due to the load of the parking area.

UI Students Visit

Besides the general public, on September 27, the exhibition was cheered up by the visit of around 40 students from Tourism Vocational, University of Indonesia, majoring in Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition (MICE). Their visit was warmly welcomed by Abiyoso Wietono, Automotive Division Manager, Dyandra Promosindo, and Mirna Gozal, Public Relations Manager, Dyandra Promosindo.

These students came to the exhibition to broaden their horizon and knowledge about the ins and outs of the exhibition arrangement which is in line with their major. "All this time, these students only receive theoretical knowledge. On this occasion, I hope the students can absorb as many valuable lessons as they can from the exhibition," said Dra. Aris Miyati Nasution, a senior lecturer from UI who accompanied the students.

Miss IIMS 2013 Final

On September 28, Miss IIMS 2013, one of the IIMS supporting programs that captures quite high attention, entered the final stage. Previously, the participants have gone through the selection and semi-final stages from September 22 - 26. In the preliminary stage, there were 120 participants representing the entire APM and supporting industries in the selection process. Out of the 120 participants, the jury elected 18 semifinalists. The assessment was based on their personality and their general knowledge on IIMS 2013, as well as their beauty and costume.

The announcement for the winner of Miss IIMS 2013 will be conducted at the Semeru Room, 6th floor JIExpo, Kemayoran in conjunction with the official closing ceremony of IIMS 2013. In the closing ceremony, the committee will also announce the winners of quizzes and competition held by the committee such as "Favorite Booth" and "Favorite Car". The closing ceremony will be attended by representatives of all participating APMs.
Semifinalists of the Miss Motor Show 2013

No.  Name       Brand
1    Fatia      Suzuki
2    Popy       Peugeot
3    Ayas       KIA
4    Maharani   Chrysler
5    Riza       Hino
6    Sheren     Chevrolet
7    Diana      Mitsubishi
8    Putri      Chrysler
9    Sella      FAW
10   Anastasia  Honda
11   Kartika    Toyota
12   Marsha     Mercedes-Benz
13   Cindy      Ford
14   Lusyanah   Toyota
15   Wirma      Daihatsu
16   Agnes      Toyota
17   Kiky       Hyundai
18   Hana       Honda

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Source: 21st Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)
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