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Source: 21st Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)

Fun Atmosphere Surrounds Last Days of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2013

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, Sep 29, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - The last two days of the Indonesia International Motor Show 2013 is packed by visitors from Jakarta and its surrounding areas who want to enjoy the last days of the exhibition. Thousands of visitors cramped the venue from the opening hours to the last minutes of closing time. Until Saturday (28/09) night, there were 333,835 visitors who came to enjoy the exhibition and today (29/09) is the very last day of the show.

In these last days, sole agents (APM) and other exhibitors are cheering up the exhibition by offering attractions and entertainments to treat visitors. A number of the country's top celebrities were performing in several booths, as they greet and entertain visitors in their respective booths.

Daihatsu presented Marcel Siahaan, Tompi, and Cita Scholastika who sang their top songs yesterday, including the song 'Diamond' from Rihanna. Mazda's booth was enlivened by performances from Yovie and Nuno, and Naif Band. Duo Maia received lively applause from their fans at Nissan's booth and Gugun Blues Shelter was performing at the Pertamins booth. Visitors at Toyota's booth were entertained by Once, and those at Honda's booth had the opportunity to watch live performance of JKT48, who is also the brand ambassador of New Honda Brio, and Raisa, while The Upstairs rocked Mini's booth.

On Sunday (29/09), more artists will perform at the last day of IIMS such as Alika at Toyota's booth as well as Nidji and Ello at Daihatsu's booth. Andien is ready to sing along with her fans Nissan's booth.

Besides entertainment from various artist, the venue was also cheered from several interesting programs held by APMs such 'Car Wash and Mechanic Babes' at KIA's booth; Japan dance at Hino's booth on the outdoor area, and Super Fun Race near Gambil Expo. There was also a talk show at Pertamina's booth with Indonesian GP2 driver, Rio Haryanto.

Closing Ceremony Officially Marks the End of IIMS 2013

Yesterday night (28/09), the committee had concluded the exhibition with an official Closing Ceremony which was attended by representatives of all participating sole agent's (APM) and other exhibitors. The ceremony was held at Semeru Room, 6th floor of Trade Center Building, JIExpo. On the occasion, Johnny Darmawan, Chairman of the Committee of IIMS 2013 expressed his appreciation. "We are proud that the exhibitors and all other parties have helped us to create a successful exhibition, thus the IIMS 2013 was concluded well. Our presence here is not merely to exhibit our products but also to contribute to the people and the government of Indonesia."

Further, Johnny also expressed his hopes and expectations related to visitors of the biggest auto show in South East Asia, IIMS 2013. "Though we did not expect very significant increase in terms of visitors in this year's exhibition, due to limited space and to make sure comfort for the visitors, we are still optimistic that this year's visitors outnumber last year's," said Johnny.

The increasing role of IIMS on a global scale has also encouraged media to provide more coverage. This year, the committee recorded 994 journalists registered for official press ID, of which 32 are foreign journalists from 25 foreign publications. All of them had helped the committee to publish news and spread the word about this year's IIMS.

Well known figures and foreign officials from Europe, the U.S., Japan, Thailand, and others also attended this year's exhibition, which provide additional value to the organizing of IIMS 2013. "It is an honour to have them here, witnessing and acknowledging that IIMS is indeed the biggest auto show in ASEAN, even bigger than Thailand," said Johnny Darmawan whose statement received a roaring applause from the audience.

In the Closing Ceremony, the committee also announced the winner of several competitions held during IIMS 2013 such as "Favorite Car", "Favorite Booth" of more than 1,300 square meter, "Favorite Booth" with a size of 1,000 - 1,300 square meters, "Favorite Booth" with an area of less than 1,000 square meters, and "Favorite Booth - Outdoor Area".

The committee also announced the winner of Miss Motor Show 2013 whose participants were the sales promotion girls of this year's APMs. Out of the total participants, the jury elected 18 semi-finalists by assessing their knowledge, beauty and behavior. The title of this year's Miss IIMS 2013 goes to Miss Kartika Berliana from Toyota's booth. Also one of the finalists of Puteri Indonesia representing Jakarta, Kartika Berliana will carry the title for a year until it is time for the election of the new Miss IIMS.

List of Winners of IIMS 2013

Favorite Car IIMS 2013

1. Honda New Brio Satya
2. BMW 320G
3. All New Nisan Grand Livina

Favorite Booth > 1.300 m2

1. PT Honda Prospek Motor (Honda)
2. PT Toyota Astra Motor (Toyota)
3. PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (Daihatsu)

Favorite Booth 1000 - 1.300 m2

1. PT Ford Motor Indonesia (Ford)
2. PT GM Autoload Indonesia
3. PT KIA Mobil Indonesia (KIA)

Favorite Booth < 1000 m2

1. PT BMW Indonesia
2. PT Mercedes Benz Distribution Indonesia (Mercedes-Benz)
3. PT Garuda Mataram Motor (Audi)

Favorite Booth Outdoor Area

1. PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (Isuzu)
2. PT Kramayudha Tiga Berlian Motor (Mitsubishi Fuso)
3. PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (Hino)

Miss Motor Show 2013

1. Miss Motor Show 2013 - Kartika Berliana - Toyota
2. Runner up I - Diana Maharani - Mitsubishi
3. Runner up II - Sheren Marcella - Chevrolet
4. Miss Photogenic - Shella Anita - FAW
5. Miss Congeniality - Marsha - Mercedez Benz
6. Miss Favorite - Fatia Ginanjar - Suzuki
7. Miss Automotive - Rani Ayas - KIA

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