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Source: 21st Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)

Opening of Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) Highlighted at Participants' Booths

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, Sep 20, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - The opening of the IIMS 2013 yesterday by Vice President of Republic of Indonesia, Boediono, marked the beginning of the biggest automotive exhibition in South East Asia. After the official opening ceremony, Boediono made an official visit to participants' booths. Toyota was honored to be the first booth visited by Vice President and delegates. In the booth, Boediono had the chance to have closer look Toyota's flagship products such as the electric and hybrid cars.

After the official booth visit by Boediono was completed, it was time for IIMS participants to hold their press conferences that were conducted simultaneously in every Hall. The press conferences provide a chance for sole agents (APM) to demonstrate their best products, both for on-market products and newly introduced vehicles. Some APMs even introduced world premieres at IIMS 2013.

One of the APMs hosting a world premiere at IIMS 2013 is Daihatsu, who brings 8 of its latest concept cars. They are the Daihatsu Ultra Function Compact (UFC-2), compact car, 7-seater sport cars, Cross-over Utility Vehicle (CUV), multi-function family car DR-Estate, New Compact (NC-y) and the latest generation of NC-Z. Another concept car from Daihatsu is the Astra Daihatsu Ayla, which is one of 5 units of Ayla World: Daihatsu Ayla GT (sport), Ayla Luxury (elegant), Ayla X-Track (cross over), Ayla Aero Package M Sporty and X Elegan variants.

Next, Honda proudly presents the Honda Mobilio Prototype. The car becomes the star of the booth because the car is the first Low Multi-Purpose Vehicle (LMPV) specifically designed for Indonesian market. Honda also brings its concept sports car Honda NSX that is highlighted in the movie Iron Man. The car combines the new era of sports cars by utilizing hybrid technology.

IIMS new comer Renault presents Duster, Renault's iconic brand that will strengthen the auto maker's existence in Indonesia. Duster is the best-selling SUV in Europe and Renault's 2013 best-selling model worldwide. The car has also won several prestigious awards globally. Duster is equipped with the K9 engine, the best engine in its class, with 1500 dCi power - the 'global growth engine' from Renault-Nissan Alliance. Renault's booth also features the brand's Formula 1 car that undoubtedly attracts visitors' attention.

Audi also brings its latest vehicles including the Audi R8 facelift, RS4 Avant, RS5 Coupe, and Audi A7 Sportback. Through the launch of these four models, PT Garuda Mataram Motor, as Audi's sole agent, wants to show Audi's strong commitment and confidence to provide choices of premium car models with a special touch from modification house Quattro GmbH, as well as the best craftsmanship for car enthusiasts.

MINI also refreshes the exhibition by featuring two of its latest line up, MINI Hyde Park and MINI Green Park. Both models are characterized with MINI's individuality and charm which is very distinguished compared with other premium brands. The vehicles, which are priced at IDR 369, come in limited edition as there are only 30 of them for Indonesian market.

India's auto manufacturer, Tata, introduces 3 of its flagship line up which will compete in the commercial vehicle segment. They are Xenon RS Pick Up, Super Ace and Ace EX 2 Diesel Pick Up. Meanwhile, Nissan brings several facelift versions of the Juke, X-Trail, and Serena. Ford is introducing the Fiesta 1.0 litre EcoBoost, a car which is to be launched next year. Peugeot also introduces its latest vehicle, the New Peugeot 208 GTi. And Subaru comes with its All New Subaru Forester.

Finally, Volkswagen released one of its phenomenal cars, the VW Golf MK-7, dubbed "World Car of the Year 2013" with advantages in reduced weight by 100 kilogram (220.462 lbs), increased fuel efficiency, character design and chassis with MQB system.

Chairman of IIMS 2013, Johnny Darmawan, said that APM participation in this year's IIMS reflects confidence toward the future of the local automotive industry, which shows stable increases year after year. "This is something that we should be proud of because year after year, IIMS is getting bigger and better and helping improve Indonesia's position in the global marketplace, particularly in automotive industry," said Johnny.

Besides APMs, positive support from consumers is also a vital part of the development of the country's automotive industry. He added that IIMS will continue to provide the best for APM and local automotive aficionados.

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