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Source: 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)

Spending Quality Family Time at IIMS 2014

JAKARTA, Sep 21, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - The biggest auto show in Indonesia, Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2014, displaying the latest vehicles and technologies, has successfully placed itself as an alternative family vacation destination. In the last few years, many automotive enthusiasts came to the exhibition area with their families. In addition, almost every participating sole agent (APM) is offering various entertainment programs in their respective booths, for example by inviting the country's top singers to perform at their booths and entertain visitors.

Syahrini, the country's top female singer with her trademark charming appearance entertained visitors at Suzuki's booth. At Mazda's booth visitors enjoyed live performances by duo Endah n Rhesa and Afghan. Pertamina, as the main sponsor of the event, presented Dik Doank, whose performance was accompanied by the children of Kandank Jurank Doank. Toyota's booth was enlivened by Kahitna's fans while Daihatsu had Ari Lasso to entertain visitors. Honda's booth was crowded with youngsters who wanted to see the beautiful girls of JKT 48. Besides live music from top singers, this year's exhibition was also enlivened by 'Stand Up Comedy' performances that attracted visitors' attention at the outdoor area. "I always watch the 'Stand Up Comedy' show on television, and I was lucky to be able to watch it live here at IIMS. It was very entertaining and I can rest my legs after going around the venue," said Imam, an IIMS visitor from Tangerang.

The committee has also prepared several programs for visitors of this year's exhibition. One of the top programs for this year is the 'Hot Wheels & Race Festival' which can be enjoyed each weekend, on 20 - 21 September and 27 - 28 September. Hot Wheels are die cast toys that gained popularity since the 1960's and have a huge aficionado fanbase worldwide. The toys are not only for children and teenagers, since many adults also buy die cast and even become collectors of these toys.

In this year's IIMS, 'Hot Wheels Race & Festival' is available at the semi-permanent outdoor area of Hall C. The committee has set up a Hot Wheels' trademark orange track along with other Hot Wheels related items. Visitors and Hot Wheels fans can also buy Hot Wheels exclusive merchandise only available at IIMS 2014. As for the race, the committee has designed several classes for adults and children. Interestingly, there is only one class for children, Hot Wheels basic/original; while for adult participants, the class for the race are, among others, under 50 metal base, under 40 plastic base, trick-track all base, trick-track non champion, under 35 all base, monster jam (drag), the faster, drag under 45 all base, and others. The participant of this year's 'Hot Wheels Race & Festival' will have the opportunity to win one scooter automatic, one iPhone 5s, cash money, and shopping voucher of IDR800 thousand at Toys Kingdom.

Another program that is much awaited particularly by the sales promotion girls of the show is 'Miss Motor Show 2014' with participants from almost all exhibitors of this year's IIMS. Just like any other pageant competition, the program will evaluate the brain, beauty, and behavior of each participant. Besides being pretty, attractive and confident, they must demonstrate strong product knowledge. The selection and semifinalist phase will be conducted from 21 - 25 September and the final announcement will conducted on 27 September. Last year, there were 120 participants who took part in 'Miss Motor Show 2013' from almost all exhibitors of IMS 2013.

Easy Parking on Alternative Parking Space

The public's interest to visit and enjoy the latest vehicles and technologies at IIMS 2014 makes the venue crowded almost at all times. The high number of visitors who drive to the venue resulted in long queuing for parking. The committee advises visitors to park their cars inside the venue's parking space and not to use the illegal street parking outside the official area of JIExpo, Kemayoran.

For visitors who do not wish to spend too much time looking for a parking spot, the committee has set up additional parking spaces. The nearest parking spaces are at Mega Glodok Kemayoran and Mangga Dua Square. Both places offer free shuttle bus services that will pick up and drop visitors to the venue and vice versa. For visitors who use free shuttle bus service at Fx Sudirman, they will receive additional bonus in the form of free parking ticket for one hour. The additional parking space and free shuttle bus services are offered to ease visitors to reach the venue.

The committee also provides other facilities for visitors' comfort, such as a Kids Area that offers various toys for children, in collaboration with Toys Kingdom; and Nursery Room. Visitors can leave their children at the Kids Area to play while the parents enjoy the show more freely. This way, both the parents and the children can enjoy the show in their own way. The Nursery Room offers privacy for parents who come to the exhibition with their infants and need a comfortable place to look after their babies. "I am thankful that IIMS provides a room for breastfeeding. Mothers with babies such as myself usually need to find special place to breastfeed. Although I bring milk in a bottle, I still need a special room to take care of the baby," said Findri, a young mother from South Jakarta.

"The facilities and supporting programs that we organized for weekends are part of our strategy to make visitors can really enjoy the show. Our consistency in providing these facilities every year reflects our commitment to make IIMS a family-friendly exhibition," said Abiyoso Wietono, Automotive Division Manager, Dyandra Promosindo.

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Source: 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)
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