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Source: 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)

Surprises at the Outdoor Area of IIMS 2014

JAKARTA, Sep 24, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - Sole agents seemed to grow their enthusiasm toward the organizing of IIMS. This is evident by the ever increasing demand for the exhibition area. As a result, the committee is pushed to create land innovation, and this year the innovation is materialized with the existence of two passenger car brands at the outdoor area, BMW and Mini. By taking the outdoor area, both brands occupy larger exhibition area compared to the previous year. Their presence at the outdoor area surprises the visitors and at the same time bring luxurious nuance to the outdoor area, which normally dominated by commercial vehicles.

Besides the above brands, outdoor area presents numerous commercial vehicle brands offering multifunction capabilities. Visitors can enjoy a minibus with special seating for disabled people, fire truck, as well as luxurious big size buses. Participating brands in the outdoor area are FAW, Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi FUSO, Tata Motors, Toyota Dyna, UD Trucks, and Shacman Trucks. The area also occupied by local coach builder such as Adi Putro and Laksana.

Some of the commercial vehicles that steal the attention at the outdoor area, among others, are Fuso FJ 2523 Super Long. The variant that was recently launched by PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian has the biggest torque in its class and has Unitized Injection Pump technology installed in each cylinder to enable individual performance with injection process managed electronically. With 9.4 meters long for the rear cargo as well as thick and long chassis, it is designed for better endurance when carrying heavy load. Both are solidly assembled to ensure its capability.

Another commercial vehicle APM that displays it flagship vehicle at the outdoor area of this year's IIMS is Hino with its Hino Ranger FM 320 P, a truck tractor with Antilock-Breaking System (ABS) with 320 ps. Hino Ranger FM 320 P can load up to 32 thousand liters and very suitable to carry oil and gas. In addition, Hino also introduces its prototype unit, Hino Profia SV 6x4 Tractor Head. The prototype is a special truck for mining industry with GVW 41 tons capability. Hino Profia SV 6x4 is targeted for consumers with special requirements for coal mining or heavy duty vehicle that is able to draw up to 100 tons.

From the local coach builder, one of the stars is Scania Aerobus, a premium low entry bus that is manufactured locally. The bus is the result of collaboration between United Tractor and Laksana. It has the biggest capacity in its class, and can host up to 90 passengers, with 23 seating capacity and 67 standing capacity.

Visitors can also enjoy the luxurious bus of Mercedes-Benz OC 500RF 2542 triple axel built by coach builder, Adi Putro. With 14 meters in length, the bus is the longest in its class, where average intercity bus is 'only' 12 meter long. Shacman Trucks is displaying its heavy duty truck with engine powered by compressed natural gas, CNG.

The outdoor area also tries to offer similar facilities as in indoor area. The effort is offered by UD Truck that provides Kids Area, where children have the chance to play with truck miniatures at the designated track. It also offers coloring and drawing opportunity on a white shirt, and truck-themed Lego that children can play with.

At the back of Hall C, at its outdoor area, there were several programs offered by Marlboro such as Race Challenge of mini Tamiya, tiring change competition, F1 simulation, and photo booth. Visitors can enjoy all of these programs for free.

IIMS Street Show Off 2014

The outdoor area is also brightened up by modification stunts at IIMS Street Show Off both, the foyer of Hall D that is presented by Signal Kustom and Dyandra Promosindo. The booth offers three programs namely the exhibition of Signal's modification cars, Live Mural Act, and 'Kustom Car Instagram Selfie Contest'.

In this booth, three cars that have been modified are SV2, Renault LiveModz which is created at the last Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning Trade Fair (AAITF), and an FT-86 RacingM. For the Live Mural Art program, visitors can witness Yudi Andhika, an urban artist from The Yellow Dino Bandung, in action as he decorates a Renault Duster using only permanent markers for three consecutive days. For the Kustom Car Instagram Selfie Contest, the committee of the booth invited public to take a selfie with one of the modification cars and then upload the photo to Instagram to win various prizes from the sponsors such as from Renault Indonesia, STP Indonesia, GT Radial, Pioneer Indonesia, Wollsdorf, and Autovision Lighting.

Andre Mulyadi from Signal Kustom said a lot of visitors were amazed upon seeing the design process at Signal Kustom's booth. "Since day 2, a lot of visitors have visited our booth and they are all amazed by the design process that is completely different from others as the artist use permanent marker," said Andre. Currently the modification process is almost 85% complete and the rest is scheduled to complete by next Saturday (28/09). The car will be signed by representative from sponsors. "At the same day, we will announce the winner of Kustom Car Instagram Selfie Contest," said Andre.

IIMS Encourages Visitors to Interact via Social Media

The utilization of social media is only introduced by Kustom Car Instagram Selfie Contest. The committee of IIMS has already use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to interact with visitors and Indonesian automotive aficionados. "Besides providing the latest information on IIMS 2014, social media is also beneficial to attract public to come to the exhibition area, and interact through various games," said Abiyoso Wietono, Automotive Division Manager, Dyandra Promosindo.

Other social media activities conducted by the committee are Instagram Photo Contest, which is open for public. Followers of IIMS social media can upload their photo through Instagram account and include the hashtag of, #IIMS 2014 and tag the picture to @IIMS_2014. The lucky winner will receive 1 Orient watch, valued at IDR 21 million. Other prizes that visitors can win include 10 vouchers at Hanamasa, 20 vouchers from Ouval & Wakai, 60 Special Guest ID, 22 VIP Invitation, and 10 vouchers of Bluebird taxi.

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Source: 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)
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