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Source: 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)

IIMS Challenges Visitors' Adrenaline through Gymkhana Race War

JAKARTA, Sep 27, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - A few short days to the closing of IIMS 2014, the venue at JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, was flooded by visitors from various places. As of yesterday (25/09), the venue gathered 225,251 visitors. For the weekend, the committee and APM will hold various entertainment programs to attract visitors to come to IIMS 2014 before the final day on Sunday (28/09). One of the leading programs that become the magnet at the outdoor area is Gymkhana Race War which is held on 26 and 27 September 2014 at the loading area of Hall D, JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

Gymkhana Race is an auto sport that emphasizes on speed and accurate timing in a track. Held for the second time here at IIMS 2014, Gymkhana is nothing like any other types of auto sports, since it blends drifting and slalom techniques to complete a more challenging track such as handicap, curve tracks (180 degree to 360 degree), and even figure 8 (the track resembles the number 8). The track that will be used for the two-day race has five different forms of tracks where the first two are designed for single race and the remaining three are for double race. The design of the track was created by Art Sport Club that is also acts as the Racing Committee Gymkhana Race War.

For two days, visitors can witness the skills of 60 racers that will show their speed, agility, and precision, with the sound of tire screeching in the background. The race is divided into four categories based on engine capacity and wheel drive system, namely FWD 1.000 - 1.200 cc, FWD 1.201 - 1.400 cc, FWD 1.401 - 1.00 cc, and Free For All RWD.

Abiyoso Wietono, Automotive Division Manager Dyandra Promosindo said Gymkhana Race War is presented again in this year's exhibition because it received huge positive response from visitors. "We hope the program can offer entertainment to visitors and grows auto sport in Indonesia, hence providing new challenges to Indonesian racers," said Abiyoso.

Made Arka, a visitor of IIMS 2014 who came to the show with his son to watch Gymkhana Race War said, "My kid loves seeing race cars, this one is no exception. He was thrilled when I invited him to watch this program," said Arka.

Blood Donation and Book Donation, Humble Gesture to Others

For its social activities, the committee has held two blood donors on 23, and 25 September 2014. On the first day, the programs successfully attracted 46 donors, and on the second day, the program attracted 49 donors. The last activity for the blood donation will be conducted on Saturday, 27 September 2014, at the 2nd floor of Trade Center Building or at the foyer of Press Room to be exact. The program will start from 10 AM to 1 PM and everyone is welcome to donate their blood.

"This is our third collaboration with Dyandra as the organizer of IIMS 2014. This is program is very beneficial to those in need. As for benefit to the donors, they are able to minimize the risk of heart attack as the result of better blood circulation, and donors can also check their health before donating their blood," said Dr. Ulfah Suryani, Head of Blood Supply, Blood Transfusion Unit, Indonesian Red Cross. Fitria, a 40-year old donor said, "I am a regular donor and it's been three months since my last donation. I am thankful that IIMS offers this program, so more and more people can donate their blood."

Besides blood donation, IIMS also conducted other social activities namely the Book Donation which is collected from several drop boxes of Gramedia bookstore such as Gramedia Matraman, Kelapa Gading, Grand Indonesia, Central Park, Depok, and Pondok Indah Mall. The symbolic handover of the Book Donation was done by Abiyoso Wietono to Yayasan 1001 Buku (Thousand and one Books Foundation) and Yayasan Lebah Buku (Bee Book Foundation) on Monday (23/09).

IIMS Again Holds Favorite Car and Favorite Booth Competition

As an appreciation to APM for their participation in IIMS 2014, the committee again conducting 'Favorite Car' and 'Favorite Booth' competition based on visitors' choice. The competition is carried out in collaboration with independent research institution, Data Survei Indonesia. The announcement for 'Favorite Car' and 'Favorite Booth' will be conducted at the Closing Ceremony of IIMS 2014 on Saturday night (27/9) at Semeru Room, Trade Center Building, JIExpo, Kemayoran, along with the announcement of the winner of other competitions. The closing ceremony will be enlivened by live performances by Raisa, The Groove and Budi Cilok, a singer whose vocal character is similar to Indonesian legendary singer, Iwan Fals.

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Source: 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS)
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